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    Wtb:any Psp Capable Of Running 3.02b

    just like the title says i would like to buy a psp capable of running that new custom firmware any offers would be appreciated, name your price also
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    Fs: Game Cube Portable Custom Made

    i have for sale a custom made gamecube portable, this is the second one i made so every bug was worked out and it has been running excellently for months now after it was finished here are some pictures of it i am asking ~500$ for it, before you say how ridiculous it sounds, let me say the...
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    Fs: Gp2x

    i would like to ask 130 shipped if you live in the US its in a pretty good condition and comes with a dave c cap the only problem with it is it cant do tv out. it didnt bother me because i never used it thanks for looking EDIT:im reluctantly lowering the price hoping someone will want this :)
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    Making Gc Backups

    i recently found a guide on how to back up games, but it says you need Phantasy Star Online to do it, something about making the GC think its connected to a network when its connected to your pc. anyway i was wondering if anyone here has ever made backups for there GC, how hard it is and if i...
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    Gettin' Worried

    i opened up my 2x a week or two ago and i knocked something off, i think it may have been a fuse or a cap but , i dont think it was to important. my 2x still works but i was just thinking, could it have been something neccasary to the second proccesor, so what im really wondering is do any...
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    Smash Gp?

    sorry if this thread is useless but i was just wondering f it wuold ever happen. I remember in another thread someone said they emailed the maker and he said we might have it by the beginning of this month. Has anyone heard anything from the creator or has he just disapeared and takin...
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    Wat Is Going On >.<

    something really odd is happening when i play gngeo and it has just started happening recently. it seems as though while i am playing a rom in the emu i am still navigating the gp2x menu. and sometimes the emu will just take me back to the 2x menu randomly, is this happening to anypone else...
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    Warraty Voiding

    everyone seems to be opening up there 2x and i was wondering is it really a good idea to void the warranty? i really would like to put some of those heatsink like pads inside of mine so i can clock it higher for longer, but i fear that one dy i may brick it or something else may happen. i would...
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    Magic Iso

    about a week or two ago i ripped all of my psone games with magic iso, but just recently i borrowed castlevania and some other games from a friend and tried to get magic iso to start up but it took forever and wopuld not work properly when i tried to use it. i am probably going to restart my...
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    Gp2x=hot Shit Right Now

    i brought my 2X to school today, because there is video game club i usually hang around right before track practice. anyway i brought it out of my backp[ack and everybody was asking "what is that" to my surprise one kid knew what it was :huh:. so i started up some snes and everybody was askin...
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    Legend Of Zelda Skin

    would someone be able to make a decent looking legend of Zelda type skin, i think that would be pretty cool
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    Firmware 1.2.1 T-v Out

    I used this to updtae my firmware,0,0,0,42,1144 and i would really like to use the tv out functrion for emus and other things. but i am not sure exactly how to :huh: i have it working fine for movies and other video out. is there something else i have to...
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    Movie Player Troubles

    I cant seem to get the movie player on my 2x to work properly, i have tried a couple of different video formats, divx and mpeg4, and i still cant get it to work i will downlaod the movie onto my card but once i turn my 2x on and go into movies it doesnt recognize any files, almost like i never...
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    Help With Drmdx

    i have drmdx running on my gp2x just fine but i cant seem to figure out how to play roms on it i have read the read me and have tried multiple things but it just seems as though i keep doing something wrong please someone give me a hand with this thanks in advance