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  1. Todespreis

    Still unbricking GP2X

    Hello! I'm still having my bricked GP2X. I tried Orkie's nand blanker here is the readme txt: NAND repair tool by Orkie ------------------------- *Copy the contents of the ON_SD directory to the root of your SD card. *Flash gp2xkernel.img (hold start+select on GPH bootloader). *Wait until the...
  2. Todespreis

    F300 ?

    Found one on ebay for 400 €. Is it compatible to the original gp2x? What are the differences?
  3. Todespreis

    Direct access to linux from gp2x?

    Found that video on YouTube: How did he do that? I messaged him on YouTube, but he does not answer.
  4. Todespreis

    PND File-System not mounted

    Hey there! I have some weird issue. My Pandora crashed, after the battery moved a bit. It did'nt boot after that. Like not at all, so i reflashed the OS. Now my touchscreen does'nt work. And when i try to recalibrate it, it shows me the message in temporary data, that the pnd file system is not...
  5. Todespreis

    Unbricking gp2x

    Hey there! I need some help unbricking my gp2x. I got a breakout board, all the cables and software. But i don't have the right power supply. I searched on ebay and found some with 2 amps and 5 Volts. Now i got a similar one (Picture), but the breakout board does not turn on. It only gets hot on...
  6. Todespreis


    Hey there again! What is wxPython? Okay, it's a runtime. But what the hell is a runtime? And what do i do with it? I mean, python works just right out of the house on pandora, does'nt it? So why do i need it? And when i want to do something with with PyGame, i have to provide my own libGL? What...
  7. Todespreis

    Otter browser Java Script

    Hey there! I'm using Otter Browser, as ssaid previosly. It works pretty well and is actualy suprisingly fast, but it does'nt support java script. In search option i could find only threads older than 8 years. Are there any solutions today available?
  8. Todespreis

    Bluetooth... Again

    Hey there! I know, i know - i need to search it on my own. But! I actualy got my phones connected to pandora, but the sound comes still out of pandora itself, not out of the phones. What can i do?
  9. Todespreis

    Software Software development Basics

    Hey there! I'm new to pandora and while i'm still waiting for the pyra to arrive, i'm trying to learn something about programs. I tried to code on Pandora with Python, but it does'nt work at all. I searched the privios threads to get some help, but it did'nt work out. Can anyone explain me, what...