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    Stella 2.3.5 Released

    Among a few core changes (mostly unnoticeable), this latest version of Stella includes the following new features. * All menus are now available through the Options button in the Launcher. * Pause function has been removed, pressing a menu button serves the same function. * Vertical Centering...
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    Guyfawkes Sdl Libs With Stella, Crashing With *** Glibc Detected *** F

    Hey guys, I just recently changed my SDL libs to take advantage of the scalar capability of the new SDL libs (Guyfawkes). Stella compiles and runs, but when I switch between the launcher menu and emulation mode (and vice versa) I get a crash with the following error: *** glibc detected ***...
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    Stella 2.2 Out Friday, 04/07/06

    Stella 2.2 is due out Friday, 04/07/06. The latest version uses a new "Rom Browser" mode that makes navigation folder-based. It received favorable reviews in playtesting. ;) In short, the Rom Browser mode cuts out labeling each ROM and reduces initial load time significantly. The interface has...
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    Stella General Suggestions And Bug Reports

    I ask that everyone who posts, please follow these rules: 1. Please refrain from asking for help in getting your installation working here, that's what 'Stella for GP2X' is for. 2. Please make sure that you are not reporting a bug or making a suggestion for a feature that someone has made...
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    GP2X Porting Stella: Need Zlib Maybe Opengl?

    First time poster and porter. I'm not new to linux and I got tired of not seeing Stella in the wiki so I took matters into my own hands. I'm fairly adept at editing makefiles and this is what I've managed to get out of the Stella makefile on my Slackware 10.2 machine with the devkitpro and SDL...