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    Fenix Crashes On Saving Two Dimensional Structs

    If you are trying to do CODE struct strrr[1][2] you can easily change that to CODE struct strr[1] struct r[2] which would probably work just fine.
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    Fenix - Doing The Basics: Graphics, Save/load, Display Text

    Moogle's Cookbook Today we'll be making a quick but fulfilling bite of Structs with the tingling flavour of freshly chopped up Strings. Before we start cooking, let's see what the local FenixMart has to offer in the character department. Here is a list of the ingredients: Main Ingredients...
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    8bit Graphics Editor

    I tried many a program, but since GraphicsGale I have not looked back. So that's my recommendation :-)
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    Fenix Process Delays

    Sorry, my fault :) Haven't used timers for ages, most of those snippets were written very(read: too) quickly :)
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    Did I Reach The Limit Of Fenix, Is Sdl Faster?

    It's not too much work, switching instances, it's just a couple of internal data pointers. But yeah, try putting the 4x10 laserpart moving/drawing in one process, creating and deleting processes, especially when you are using a lot at the same time, can take up significant cpu time, so that's a...
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    Did I Reach The Limit Of Fenix, Is Sdl Faster?

    I suppose that is what he wants to know :-) Of course I don't know your implementation, but here are some things that might work: - Use the least amount of angle functions possible. This includes advance, get_distx, get_disty, get_dist, etcetera. They use floating point math which is slow. -...
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    Fpg Create

    More like this actually image = load_png("test.png"); anotherone = load_pcx("test.pcx"); You can then draw them on the screen with Fenix' drawing functions like put or xput, or to another image map with map_put to name a couple.
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    Crystals Of Xaz Wip

    Sounds good, are you sure you don't have some little playable preview thingy somewhere for us to try? :) Good luck anyhow!
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    Boolean Soup Competition 2006/2007

    Join! I know I will :)
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    Why Does My Game Just Exit Immediatly

    Quiest is right ;)
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    Font1 Is Overriding Color Of Font2

    The upper/lowercase problem is due to a bug in the Gp2x interpreter. I thought it was resolved already though, maybe you are not using the most recent version? On the fonts, make sure they both use the same palette, I'm not sure how it all worked with FNT Edit, haven't used it for ages, but I'm...
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    Looking For Fpg And Fnt Edit.

    Wow, you seem to be right indeed! Luckily Flamingbird has FPG Edit and FNT edit can be found here.
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    Looking For Fpg And Fnt Edit.

    What, it's on SourceForge which I believe is not down?
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    Fenix Help Needed

    YES! The idea of making a FAQ isn't new, and I think there even is a topic somewhere where we all asked and answered the common questions. ... . Right, looked for it but couldn't find it. It would be a good idea to have a FAQ though.
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    Fenix Help Needed

    What a patriot! But if you checked all that and it still doesn't work, are you sure you are using the right FXC?
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    Any Hope Of Using A Eye-fi Sd + Wifi

    It was discussed some time ago that the Gp2x could support these devices if a certain connection was made on the PCB during production time(unreachable for us now). If that was done was uncertain I think. Besides that it would suck up battery life like nothing, which were the two main factors...
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    PROGRAM Graphite; Begin x = 0; while(x < 320) //Delete all text(0 means all text) DELETE_TEXT (0); x += 2; //Write texts every frame for 160 frames, moving right. //write(font,x position, y position, text alignment, "text") write (0, x, 100, 0, "1st Coding Attempt"); write (0, x...
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    Check Fenix On Fire, it has everything you need.
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    Where To Get Free Music For Games

    For some good links check out the Booleansoup link section, they have some good resource links. As well as brilliant forums.
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    Getting Cars To Follow A Track

    Easiest way is to make an array of points the car has to drive through, and then let the AI car follow those. I felt frisky so I wrote a small AI car. Add this to the globals section: struct checkpoints[3] int x; int y; end lastCheckpoint = 3; Add this in the initiation part before you...