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  1. cube48

    Release JOSM - Java Open Street Map editor

    JOSM is an extensible editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM) written in Java 1.6. Requires Java. Repo download: Discuss your experiences and issues here.
  2. cube48

    Sega Genesis VSTi sound emulator

    I was not sure where to place this topic. Mods, feel free to move it elsewhere. Those musically oriented amongst you might find this interesting. It's not really Pandora related and we can't use it on Pandora but it's about Sega Genesis sound chip emulation. Not free but sounds cool...
  3. cube48

    Pandora desktop stand - hacking office use ergonomy

    Do you use your Pandora with USB keyboard and mouse? Then you might already got into situation that you spend the whole evening/night/day being productive and afterwards find yourself with heavy neck ache and sore eyes. It happens to me quite often. Yeah, I know, we have VNC, X11 forwarding, USB...
  4. cube48

    Shell script: How to paste a variable content into the clipboard?

    Can anybody enlighten me please on how to push variable content into the clipboard on Zaxxon? It seems we don't have neither xclip nor xsel. Is there any other trick how to do this without installing xclip? Thanks in advance for your hints.
  5. cube48

    Release GpsPrune

    Repo: Official page:
  6. cube48

    Board pages not fitting to Pandora's screen anymore?

    Sorry if this was discussed elsewhere but I didn't find anything on this topic using the search feature. It seems that forum is going under continuous updates recently (new structure, like buttons etc.) and I'm encountering for some days already that forum pages are not fitting anymore into...
  7. cube48

    Call for Hardware Talks section

    What do you gals and guys think, does this forum deserve dedicated hardware section? Answer the poll please, argue and elaborate on your opinions. I've found these threads that could go directly in but I stopped looking after reached those that were started in August this year. I know it...
  8. cube48

    Quick navigation on this board?

    I have propably very lame question. I was browsing these boards on other pocket sized UMPC and I pressed by accident some key combo or perhaps clicked on something that displayed a quick navigation overlay with main forum structure. Now I'am not able to replicate that or find any button/link to...
  9. cube48

    HW Hack: Keyboard light

    When using Pandora in the evening, I'm finding my self quite often in the situation when I have to move closer to the light source to type something on the keyboard. Yes, I know that I can bend the LCD into 90° position to enlight the keys but that's not comfortable to type and it's unnecessary...
  10. cube48

    Need help with Java .class decompilation > compilation

    Is there somebody skilled in Java here? I'm in need of help with decompilation > edit > compilation of one particular .class in Legend Of Yore. I've contacted the developer of the game, Kevin. He's friendly guy and happy about port of LoY to Pandora but he's currently quite busy with normal...
  11. cube48

    Release Legends Of Yore

    Official homepage Pandora download http://repo.openpand...p=LegendsOfYore Game play video Pandora version needs Java! Roguelike RPG with nice pixel graphics and online savegame sync. This is free...
  12. cube48

    Wagic port [BOUNTY]

    Wagic is a fantasy card game of Magic The Gathering kind. It's open sourced. More info at: Wagic was originally developed for Sony PSP and then ported to other OSes. That said, it's designed for handheld controls. I've played it on Maemo (N900 with GamePad) and...
  13. cube48

    PandoraWiki error?

    Little bit OoT but is anybody else having problem with acessing I get: No input file specified. Edit: Thanks for moving it to separate thread.
  14. cube48


    Is anybody here who would crate pnd of Emacs? There already is arm port of emacs-x11 in Angstrom repo which can be easily installed. But it is 40+ MB beast and I don't run OS from SD card. I've tried to compile the sources but no success. The thing is that I never ever compiled anything...
  15. cube48

    Release SunVox (ultimate multiplatform synth/sampler/tracker) Repacked Maemo version of SunVox. libosso library included in the PND. The latest linux version supports MIDI (ALSA), can somebody check if the MIDI is working on Pandora? Download
  16. cube48

    Release ConBTGPS

    Because I was bored by manual connection of BT GPS, I've put together a script which automatize this process. Big thanks to sebt3 for AWK parsing of rfcomm.conf file! What ConBTGPS expects? 1) you've installed gpsd 2) your BT GPS is added in /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf 3) your BT GPS...
  17. cube48

    Parsing file with AWK or SED - Help needed

    I'm writting a script for automatized bluetooth GPS connection. I even have working PND but one thing is not as elegant as it could be. Official GPS guide suggests insertion of BT MAC address into /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf. My script is currently reading the MAC address from txt file in...
  18. cube48

    Release modRana PND'd modRana, great map/navigation app that I'm happily using on my N900. As it is written in Python, I just changed the screen resolution of 'neo' to 800x480 in the main script, added custom icon and packed it. It will appear in Other Education app category in the...
  19. cube48

    Icons on desktop can't be rearranged

    The icons on my desktop can't be rearranged by drag'n'drop. Some days ago I accidentally moved the trashbin icon into the middle of the desktop during the nub 'calibration' after boot. So it must be somehow possible but I'm not able to replicate it. I found that the desktop folder in my home...