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  1. coldfish

    Gp2X F100 Power Switch

    This sounds very similar to a problem I had with my f100.   I ran battery tester (name?) and if i'd just nudge the switch there would be a change in the battery metre reading from ~100% to ~80 or something.   In the end I opened it up reheated the solder and sprayed some wd40 into the power...
  2. coldfish

    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

    Congratulations and thanks iprice and Farox.   Caanoo without you guys would be like bees without knees, peas without cheese, python without Cleese. :D
  3. coldfish

    Uae On Gp2X Vs Caanoo

    I have both. The Caanoo runs Amiga emulation a bit smoother than the Gp2x. If you can't find one take a look at the gcwzero, it's early days but looks like picking up where GPh left off.
  4. coldfish

    This Guy Needs Help!

    I found his video informative. Not overtly mean spirited, he's not even that scathing on the obviously defective/broken shoulder button - something that would be considered an instant-warranty-return for most people on any other product in Pandora's price range. The trouble is, people who...
  5. coldfish

    Gpsp (Re)Port

    Great stuff!
  6. coldfish

    Seven New Caanoo Games Uploaded To The Archive

    Ooh Christmas goodies for the Caanoo. :D   Thanks iprice!
  7. coldfish

    Any Device Worth Buying

    The glut of cheap Chinese Android handhelds hasn't really produced "one device to rule them all". Yet.   I bought a YDPG16 a while back and first impressions were the hardware is pretty good but the stock rom was mostly worthless; full of Chinese cruft and the "game manager" is just annoying...
  8. coldfish

    Pcsx Rearmed R17

    This is great!!!   Thanks notaz for keeping my caanoo out of storage. :D
  9. coldfish

    Gp2X Screen Replacement? Spare wiz oled :)
  10. coldfish

    Cracked Screen Enjoy.
  11. coldfish

    Neo Geo X Vs Caanoo Neo Geo Emulator!

    Caanoo is the better deal IMO. The neogeox is just an emulator anyway.
  12. coldfish

    After All This Time...

    Hi all, I thought I'd drop by the ole forum too. I still have my trusty f100. In many ways its still better than my Caanoo and Yinlips ydpg16. The gp2x community had a real buzz with devs impressing us all by squeezing every bit of performance out of those 240-300 MHz. :)
  13. coldfish

    Caanoo: V400, V500 Comparison.

    Its interesting to note the tweaks and modifications in a product over time. I think GPh got it almost right with the Caanoo, shame they dropped out.
  14. coldfish

    Doom, Quake, Shadow Warriors, Rott

    Doom will run under ginge (gp2x compatibility layer). Edit: for some reason I read this as applying to Caanoo, disregard if not.
  15. coldfish

    [Caanoo] Out Of Stock At Playasia

    I got a spare Caanoo before they went out of stock. It clocks to 800+Mhz :)
  16. coldfish

    Micro Star Wars Caanoo Hack

    I read your build summary. Nice work! Preaching to the choir but re: pots, iirc there are logarithmic and linear pots. The linear ones increase resistance proportional to the rotation. The log ones have a log relationship ie 10% turn =...
  17. coldfish

    Micro Star Wars Caanoo Hack

    Fame, fortune, a Jedi craves not these things. Miniature arcade machines on the other hand...
  18. coldfish

    Gp2X F-100 Battery Api

    I got battery cycling and swapping down to a fine art with the F100 so it wasn't a big problem for me. Maybe it helps that my first handheld was and Atari Lynx which trained me to expect unholy battery consumption as a fact of life. 6xAA's drained in <3 hours. :(
  19. coldfish

    Gp2X F-100 Battery Api

    @ OP, you should try downgrading the firmware, 4.0.0 isnt that much use on a f100. Dig through some old threads here to read up on howto. I use fw 2.1.1 with Notaz's excellent SDHC firmware patch:
  20. coldfish

    [Caanoo] Out Of Stock At Playasia

    Should we read anything into this?