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  1. frolik

    Bridges Puzzle - Simple But Genius Logic Game

    Was introduced to this genius little gem of a game - Anyone know of a mobile version, would be well suited to touch screen goodness!
  2. frolik

    Ressurection Xtras

    Guys, just want to spread the word about this incredible community effort to create the ultimate retro collection. Dedicated retro lovers have been painstakingly making in game videos for every game on every console, collecting game manuals, gamefaqs, boxart etc. It's revolving around the...
  3. frolik

    Tapatalk Forum Plugin

    The folks at Tapatalk are working on a plugin for Invision Power Board (GP32x forum software). It will hopefully be released soon and I was hoping the Admin will enable this for GP32x. It allows you to browse forums from a mobile device through a browser that is specially formatted for the...
  4. frolik

    Emulator Icon Packs

    Does anyone know of (or have) any decent icon packs that would be suitable for Win2x - or the official launcher? I've had a google around and people have spent a lot of time on Xbox emulator icons and other ones that are not the right dimensions, it would be nice to have a collection done in...
  5. frolik

    Exult (Ultima Vii)

    I would love to play the Ultima VII games on a port/compile of Exult. Doesn't need me to say, but the GP2x source is here. I have actually taken the source apart in an attempt to compile it for Wiz, but it's way beyond me right now. I'm hoping to have time to learn more but in the meantime if...
  6. frolik

    Stupidly Simple & Addicting Flash Game

    In case anyone is looking for a simple but addictive game to make. Try this:
  7. frolik

    Terminal / Ssh Access Over Usb?

    I was wondering if I can gain access to the command line over the USB connection, I can't get used to termula as it's too fiddly without a keyboard. I use putty to connect to linux servers over SSH, is this possible somehow? If so is it possible to transter files over sftp? I've had a good...
  8. frolik

    X-Com Ufo Defense Problem

    Tried to get into this game last night when I came across a fatal flaw - saving game seems to crash, or trap you on the save screen after you enter a filename and hit enter (B button). Only thing I can do is L+R+Start to exit the game, and when I get back in the game wasn't saved anyway. Anyone...
  9. frolik


    The Sentinel was a classic game of wits that originated on the C64 and then released on to the other 8bit and 16bit computers, I've looked into possibilities of emulating on one of the platforms we have available but due to the odd control mechanism it doesn't seem feasable. I found this open...
  10. frolik

    My Wiz Came Today!

    Hi gp32x massive! It's been a while since I was here, since the gp32 days in fact, but I couldn't resist the urge to get back into some retro handheld action and ordered a Wiz from GBAX. Ordered it about 2pm yesterday, paid for 24hour delivery and the postie woke me up at 9am this morning, I...
  11. frolik

    Makes Me Sad

    seeing the front page.... not a sign of any gp32 news. I wish this site had stuck to gp32 and made a sister site for the gp2x, but that's progress I guess. Now any gp32 news won't last long before it's bumped off by gp2x news..... :( is it on it's way out I wonder
  12. frolik

    Whatever Happened To....

    Greetings everyone! Not been around for quite a while and was wondering; whatever happened to..... ...Exult port - Was this the longest running "cool idea", I swear the amount of times I've thought of having this on my GP and thought how I'd never get bored of it! ...F-Day - I was convinced...
  13. frolik

    How To End A Horrible Job....

    ok I've got 3 weeks left before I leave this job and go travelling, only thing is it's becoming more and more painful being here and I think I might kill my evil boss soon... to make things worse, I'm only half busy as the project I'm on is so badly managed any ideas how can I make time pass...
  14. frolik

    Txt/rtf/pdf Converting

    I've spent ages converting game manuals / faqs and stuff to read in !Reader, they work really well, especially in RTF format. If anyone wants copies just let me know. But I can't find a decent tool to convert PDF's to text or preferably RTF. The built in Acrobat facility makes em look horrible...
  15. frolik

    Yafl Update?

    Yo I was wondering if Woogal or anyone might at some point take a look at the problem preventing Fenix games to run from yAFL, it's a shame because it's the only reason why I'm using Pacrom instead.
  16. frolik

    Castaway 16.1 Bugs/feedback

    CaSTaway 16.1 bugs/feedback I've spent a long time playing with the new version of Castaway and it's very nice, especially the latest improvements. There are a few niggling things that I think would make it even better. ;) Enhancements: * If the batteries die in mid game, saving a state CAN...
  17. frolik

    Emutos For Castaway?

    I stumbled across this project and I wondered if it could help CaSTaway with a few games compatibility issues. Not yet tried it as I'm at work but it could be interesting (not to mention completely legal!)
  18. frolik

    Review Of The Ultimate Ministick Fix!

    Link to the tutorial I am reviewing..... Last night I bought a hot glue gun (AU$6) and craft knife (AU$1.20), and with a printed copy of the tutorial thread by my side I set to work on fixing the thumbpadon my FLU unit which has become very wobbly and completely unresponsive to diagonal...
  19. frolik

    Gameprobe32 Poll

    Only been running a week and it's looking pretty full already! We're not short of content for the site but I want to know what the site is "worth" checking for, so vote away! oh, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here: GameProbe32
  20. frolik

    Rpg Mechanisms

    Started playing Phantasy Star 4 on DrMD and it's really good but whats with the strange combat mechanism.... You don't see any baddies walking around like you do NPC's, instead you just get jumped on all the time, you can be walking around a small room and will be relentlessly attacked to longer...