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  1. maddis

    Original donation - contribution list

    I remember ages ago on the first original pre-orders, people were able to contribute into the dev fund. A list was going to be put together, did this ever happen? I see some people have 'supporter' under their avatar and wandered if i needed to contact a mod to get this to come up?
  2. maddis

    TV out cable - diy guru needed

    Hi guys, i know a while back a few peeps were making custom tv out cables. I know its farily easy to make with the right connector, but i am hopeless at diy and would rather pay someone to make me one. I live in Manchester (UK) Can anyone help or point me in the right direction :D maddis...
  3. maddis

    Been away for 2 years

    Hi guys, thought i'd post in here. was an original batch 1 customer. got my pandira aobut 19 months ago, but never received my tv out cable. who am i best contacting? its been that long i could do with a point in the right direction :)
  4. maddis

    not sure what to do

    I was playing on my pandora today, then all of a sudden the white areas of the screen turn purple. I have searched the forums and I can see someone else has experienced the same thing. Opening the screen all the way fixes this purple issue but when I bring the lid forward the screen goes back to...
  5. maddis

    Seriously what is the point So, i just went to check out to see what pandoras are being sold on ebay (as i can see a few unlucky people have had issues with buying from ebay) and i...
  6. maddis

    Reset Pandora To Defaults

    Hi, ive been messing around with the start menu in xfce. The reason was to just use the warlock bar, but i couldnt work out how to add the icons and pnd files to the dock. In the process, I somehow managed to remove the pandora start icon. Is there a way to get this back? Also the launcher icon...
  7. maddis


    I have had a look and can't see that anyone has mentioned if JDownloader has been ported yet. I use Jdownloader a lot, especially to view youtube videos and to download large documents i am sent via the internet. For all of you that don't know what JDownloader is, its the best easy to use...
  8. maddis

    Help with PNDs

    Hi everyone. I have had my pandora for a week now. I've ordered a 32gb card which will arrive next week, however i want to play quake. I have a blackberry so i have connected that to the Pandora. I have put several pnd files on the root of the internal memory of the blackberry card (it is seen...
  9. maddis

    Box Art Anyone?

    Hi, I'm currently uploading the box art and scan collection i have. It all comes to just over 1.2gb so as soon as its up ill post the link. Here's the contents of the 7zip file you will expect to have once its up I hope this comes useful :) Box Art - Sega Mega CD Commodore Amiga CD32...
  10. maddis

    Just about to buy a new card

    Hi, I'm finally ready to get a memory card as the 100mb internal memory is very limiting. I have a budget of £30 at the moment which i can see i can just about get a 32gb card for that amount.I have looked through previous posts and also looked on amazon. Fact is, there are so many variants...
  11. maddis

    Wifi issues?

    Finally got my pandora today, turned it on, toggled the WiFi in system but i am having difficulty connecting to my wireless network It keeps coming up with the 'Authentication required by wireless network' dialogue and keeps asking me to specify the WPA & WPA2 Personal key. I am definitely...
  12. maddis

    Sonic & Knuckles HD

    Wow, check this out: Apparently its a animation. Sadly It’s not running off a game engine. If only Sega and Xbox were to do this for all the original genesis sonic games, it would be epic!
  13. maddis

    Usb Capture

    With the pandora being so close, i had a question about video capturing. I am wanting to capture my Vjing (video mixing) that i do in clubs and broadcast it over the internet. I have the following adapter to capture the video and audio stream, then use the adobe live media encoder 3 to...
  14. maddis

    Morphyre Visual For Pandora

    I stumbled across Morphyre, a new visualization for winamp last month. The demo is free but only costs £1.50, $2.50 or €1.75 depending on your region. It comes from the same guys who brought you R2 and R4 which i have been using for quite some time (mainly in clubs and parties as i am a VJ) I...
  15. maddis

    Pocketsurfer 2 Lite Portable

    PocketSurfer 2 Ok, I came accross this earleir. Looks tempting apart from the ambiguous wording What do you gusy think?
  16. maddis

    Firefox 3.5 Supporting Open Video Formats

    Does this mean that there is no need for certain codecs such as flash and .mov ?
  17. maddis Will come in useful for listing all the emus & apps once the Pandora is out Edit: Re worded to make sense !
  18. maddis

    Vj''ing With Pandora

    I am a Vj and am very interested in what the pandora can do for me. My Typical rig is using Resolume and dedicated midi controllers to mix videos in real time. At the moment i am running a live audio feed into a second Laptop (via the line in pluggin in winamp) to trigger Milkdrop visuals...
  19. maddis

    Beta Box Art Needed ?

    i have recently been working on a mame machine and have collected the following graphics of the box art (each set is complete): Ps1 Dreamcast Gba Saturn Snes Megadrive Nintendo 64 Amiga As the collection is very big i am happy to send a copy of the collection any one who will make use of this...
  20. maddis

    Female Pandora Owners

    i know this topic was discussed when the f200 came out But just out of interest how many females have/will be pre ordering and buying a pandora? It would be good to know that its not just blokes that are getting the pandora.