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  1. KillRoXx

    alright... SO i decided to open up my old broken pandora

    What i discovered was an atrocity, When my Pandora fell 6 months ago, the button inside (underneath the L trigger) snapped off completely (could not find the white thing -don't know what its called-) aswell as the solder holding the rest of that button in place However i also found a gold disc...
  2. KillRoXx

    I said I was coming back?

    Yeah I kinda forgot about the whole post where I said I was coming back for two months. I have alot to resolve before coming back officially
  3. KillRoXx

    So.... im back.

    Hey guys its been awhile. And im just letting you know that im coming back to the community for two months. (I have been busy working on some html some css and js while I was away. And I might share it with this comminity) I am really excited about Pyra and im hoping I can grab one next...
  4. KillRoXx

    I got guitar hero 2

    I just got guitar hero 2 recently for my xbox 360 to relive some of my glory days. And I also got a guitar hero2 xbox controller. Did I make a good choice? ~K.B.
  5. KillRoXx

    Username changes

    i recently had WalXNTalX AxXAxXiN and now STilSxOpeX   (stillscope) what other usernames have you had in the past?
  6. KillRoXx

    lack of repo screenshots

    I notice a lack of screenshots to some more obscure .PND files on the repo. why is this?
  7. KillRoXx

    Broken L trigger

    ... great. after using the pandora and abusing it to many apps. i end up dropping it on the ground right on the left trigger. it got inside the case but i got it out with my fingernail. but the only problem is the left trigger does not work anymore. there is no longer a *click* when you press...
  8. KillRoXx

    ED how do i record with my pandoras mic?

    i tried audacity but it does not record my voice! could it be my pandora? or user error.
  9. KillRoXx

    ED why do certain earphones audio fault

    when i plug in my samsung SIV headphones it is missing some frequencies
  10. KillRoXx

    Have a silver pandora? No worry!

    if you want to make your pandora COMPLETELY BLACK. all you need is acetone and a few cotton balls and q-tips. (q-tips for the keyboard.... its sensitive. REMOVE THE BATTERY FOR ANY PARTS INSIDE) Dab the acetone on the q-tip or cotton ball. (NOT TOO MUCH. and make sure it does not drip.) and...
  11. KillRoXx

    Challenging Program to compile.

    I was wondering. since this program IS available for linux plaforms and i am in dire need for a hosting shell. is it possible to compile this program for the pandora?
  12. KillRoXx

    how did i write this?

    i used master control on my padoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i think i broke the a key. XD
  13. KillRoXx

    yet another tv out topic.

    I was wondering. is there any way to record the screen of the pandora? by any chance that there is any .PND software like that? (not including snapsnap) i really want to make youtube videos from my pandora and upload them to showcase the device. i would want a software that would record the...
  14. KillRoXx

    Open StepMania scores.

    i told you i would open a topic somewhere. Post your scores from stepmania from your pandora. (im a standard master and working my way into heavy.) Here is the format you should use Difficulty: Score: Grade: Screenshot:(optional. just take a picture) Button Layout:(Required!!!)...
  15. KillRoXx

    Actiontec Router Problems

    I just got my open pandora rebirth edition a few days ago and it worked well with only a few wifi services. but when i was at home and wanted to connect to my wpa security actiontec router. it kept asking for the password and would not connect. i used the sudo command for the iwconfig and it...