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  1. vaiovann

    1st Batch Original Pandora eBay auction - SOLD

    Hey all. Just wanted to drop in and let you know of my Pandora auction. I'm including an Tapwave Zodiac case, 32GB Class-6 SD card, battery case, charger and of course the Openpandora it self. The device is in awesome shape, and doesnt have any of the common defects that those 1st gen Pandoras...
  2. vaiovann

    Directional pad sluggish

    I'm only posting this due to it not being brought up before (search didn't find it anyway, but other buttons instead) so here go's. My directional pad down key is sluggish, meaning that the key works does not shift or rest askew, but rather takes about 2X the effort to move then the other...
  3. vaiovann

    Waiting Like A Good Little Boy, But Still Depressed

    I pre-ordered like so many others around these parts. It hasn't been easy either, just like many others. I hope and think upon the day that I will receive MY email. Also fighting the urge to complain unnecessarily is quite hard given the amount of unreleased enthusiasm and angst, pent up inside...
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  5. vaiovann

    Jtag Formatting Hang

    Hey I have a JTAG setup and have recently "re-bricked" my 2X after trying to revert back to FW 2.1.1 from 2.1.2. Anyways after I got the Kernel back up and running as well the U-Booter and after a dialog states that it is "Pathching" it begins "Formatting" the NAND Flash (and that's where I'm...
  6. vaiovann

    Gp2x Boot Issues

    I will slim this description down as much as possible for anyone reading. 1: I have a number of very good rechargeable batteries (2700mAh to 2300mAh NiMH) 2: I did not encounter this new problem after updating/re flashing the firmware 3: This is not a simple issue related to bent battery...