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    hello, new version of falldown, version 01 :) -- Add L R Left/down Right/Down to move. -- Fix bug with volume. -- Added progressive difficulty My Webpage
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    in the next version, add L & R to move, diagonal Left/down and Right/down to move. and fix the difficulty , maybe a progressiv difficulty :)
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    Hello, i have ported a new game from gp32, it's falldown, was made by Rov. go to my webpage to download pc version or gp2x version :) bye :D
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    Oldplay V0.8

    windows version crash for me :(
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    GP2X Gp2x Allegro V0.3

    hello i have the same problem, a black screen :( the same program , compiled with the last allegro, and black screen.
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    GP2X Allegro Patches V0.2

    works perfectly with devkitgp2x under win32 :) but, how to use Joystick function with Allegro for gp2x ?
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    GP2X Allegro Patches V0.2

    is there an archive for win32 to use with devkitgp2x ?
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    Bor Beta 1

    Why Bor doesn't find the files, whereas they are well in the PACK? :(
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    GP32 Started a windowed GUI toolkit...

    yo, good job very good, and very easy to use. But, for all gfx , do you have original gfx for the wmktheme.c ? to make other theme with this example. thks in advance :)