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  1. milkshake

    C# .NET Visual Studio Code

    Since my day job is a C# dot net developer I though I would share some exciting news (for those that don't already follow Microsoft updates). Things are starting to get a bit more awesome for C# in regards to cross platform development and runtime...
  2. milkshake

    Nexus 6 arrived yesterday

    And its big but an amazing upgrade to my nexus 4, has anyone else got one or ordered one?
  3. milkshake

    Repo Update - Twitter Style Replies

    HI All, I have added the twitter style reply option by starting your comment with "@username" on the repo, including via pnd manager. this only works if email notification is enabled on your repo account settings. let me know if there is any issues. ENJOY!!
  4. milkshake

    Mario figurines

    Hey guys I went to Cleethorpes on Sunday with the missus and we won some Mario figures on the 2 pence machines, I thought I would share this with u :) Here are all of them. And here are some of them positioned on my desk.
  5. milkshake

    recent additions

    Yesterday I went to the video game market event at Leeds town hall. I limited myself to £60 and came away with 3 SNES games :D The games are below: (I class them as complete when they have the bare minimum of box, inner tray, game and manual) Barts Nightmare (complete) £25 - Mint Condition...
  6. milkshake

    Funniest tv advert

    I just want to share with you guys a TV advert for mcvities jaffa cakes which is on TV at the moment and every time I watch it I burst out laughing
  7. milkshake

    Release PlayCatan - Play Catan online on your pandora

    Hi guys.   I tried playcatan on the pandora and it works, so I thought I would make it easier for everyone else by creating a Pnd that downloads the software for you.   Game requires PlayCatan account to play go to to register your free account.   Game play can be a...
  8. milkshake

    Pandora PndAid PHP library

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would begin the rewrite of the repo by building some tools. The first thing any budding pnd repo developer needs is a way to interrogate pnd files and get information from them. I have created a small PHP library called PndAid which is Open Source and on GitHub! Go...
  9. milkshake

    Zelda Appreciation Thread

    A few weeks ago I completed The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past on my Pandora and more recently I have started to play Twilight Princess on my wii. This got me thinking about my gaming lineage and I am quite confident that of all the games I have played the Zelda Series as a whole has had...
  10. milkshake

    killzone: mercenaries WOW

    Just arrived today, pre ordered from and its by far the best looking vita game i have played yet and the gameplay is brilliant, i can finally say i have a console quality fps on my vita ( resistance was ok i suppose but this is soo much better ). Anyone else have this game? I'd love...
  11. milkshake

    X-bench or similar in use for uae4all ?

    Hi all I recall in a thread a while ago that a cool launcher could be used from within uae4all by means of a HD image install, does anyone recall I can't find it when I search and if you do recall how do I go about getting this launcher to work with uae4all?
  12. milkshake

    3ds Monster hunter 3 recommendation code

    Does anyone have a this game if so and you feel like giving me the recommendation code please pm me as got a new 3ds and with the recommendation code I can get a free download cheers :-)
  13. milkshake

    Spotify web player works in firefox ;)

    Works great on wifi silky smooth.
  14. milkshake

    2 versions of .emu

    Does anyone know why we have 2 versions of the .emu emulators. ones by and ones by im confused? which ones are the ones which are the ones which are going to be maintained?
  15. milkshake

    Some Repo statistics for you!

    Hi Guys some people were asking in IRC about some download statistics from the repo so I though I would share them with you... please bear in mind this may not be 100% accurate because I only store the current app filesize in the database not the historical filesize and all filesize and...
  16. milkshake

    Drama between Kumaki and ZXDunny (from: "Easy" RPG - Having NOTHING But Trouble [HALF-SOLVED])

    This thread was split away from (- _wb_) Is it me or do all your posts contain CAPITAL letters? Do you really need to emphasise many words in your posts with capital letters? Why not try making...
  17. milkshake

    Madcatz xbox 360 fightstick usb work with pandora?

    If so how can I test it cos it doesn't seem to work so far :mellow: Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  18. milkshake

    Help - update removed my selectable GUIs

    So I updated my software using the new tool in the menu probably a month or two ago and since then when I try and boot up the Pandora I get the following: Anyone know of anyway I can fix this without reinstalling the os?
  19. milkshake

    Tales of a Pandora user

    I was sat on the train to work today (Sheffield to Leeds) whipped out my Pandora, plugged in my 32gb usb memory stick, stuck on my Sony MDR-V150 headphones and proceeded to watch star trek TNG season 2 episode 8 A Matter of Honour. About 15 mins into the episode, the gentleman next to me asked...
  20. milkshake

    play expo 2012 are you attending?

    Hi Ed, I would love to know if you are attending this years play expo in Manchester see my post here also if you are attending which hotel and what days will you be attending so If I do go I can book the same hotel or one close by so we can all meet up again.