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  1. Kippykip

    Google Chrome is flagging sites that have "uncommon downloads" now

    Ah yes, Googles screwing with the open source community once again. Basically this byuu dudes site has a big warning now because his new software posted has "uncommon downloads". Like yeah no sh*t, it was just released. Doesn't seem to matter if the file has no virustotal issues or anything...
  2. Kippykip

    GAB releases a "Universal Comment Section" Extension

    Thought this was pretty interesting, the makers of that Gab site (free speech twitter clone) recently released a beta browser extension called "dissenter" that basically adds a popup comment section on any website. Doesn't seem too bad but you need an invite code to make a gab account now...
  3. Kippykip

    Looking for a 5" 4:3 Composite Display

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to do a project where I revive this broken mini CRT Black & White TV I got in the mid 2000s. The plan is to stick a cheap TFT display in the front of the plastic shell, where the glass screen normally is. Then rewire everything to the old ports. I was even...
  4. Kippykip

    PSX Emulation on the GPD-Win

    Hey everyone! I've been struggling to run PSX emulation at a smooth framerate on the GPD-Win. I've tried EPsxe and PCSX-R, and most games are fine however others like Crash Team Racing and especially Tekken 3 lag horribly. What settings do you recommend? Because I've been constantly tweaking...
  5. Kippykip

    2G Fallback clarification?

    In the WIKI it states for voice calling using the 3G module, it will fall back to 2G. So does this mean I won't be able to call ever using the Pyra? 2G has been shut down in my country for a while now...
  6. Kippykip

    Dragonbox Pyra Discord : REBORN

    I didn't like how short lived @Wally 's discord channel lasted due to complaints that we could just use the IRC. But I think it's a great idea as with discord, we can post screen-shots of our projects and have a voice chat to discuss everything! So I've created a large number of channels based...
  7. Kippykip

    GPD-WIN frequent blue screens

    Since I've had this device, I've always had a variety of bluescreen issues. Funny thing my brother also has a GPD-Win except no bluescreens or issues whatsoever on his. One difference is he has the 8700 model while I have the 8750 model, despite coming from the same eBay seller. I tend to get...
  8. Kippykip


    As far as I know, the Pyra uses OpenGLES for it's hardware acceleration and to run regular OpenGL applications, it has to be software rendered or use a wrapper like glshim/gl4es to translate it. But doesn't the Raspberry Pi use a OpenGLES chip too? How did they get full OpenGL applications...
  9. Kippykip

    DIY Raspberry Pi heatsink!

    Just break of a pair of staples and put thermal paste underneath xD: Normally when I have the galaxy screensaver running, I get a hot temperature icon in the top-right corner of the screen which is a shame as I really like looking at it and I'm using a CRT for this. Since I've done this...
  10. Kippykip

    Mouse Control?

    So uhhh, I was just wondering how does the mouse control on the Pyra work? Like say I wanted to play on PCSX-R and wanted to map the nubs to the analogs, how will I disable the mouse cursor movement in the OS itself so I could play without a cursor flying everywhere? Also another note is on one...
  11. Kippykip

    Is X86/X64 slowly dying?

    It seems to me that X86/X64 chips are kinda bad when it comes power efficiency and heat compared to other CPU architectures. Even Intel is dropping their Atom brand to focus on Arm apparently. Feels like the only thing saving it is legacy support and compatibility. What do you all think? Or am I...
  12. Kippykip

    Flash Player Support

    How would Flash Player support (If any?) work on the Pyra? I've heard about Lightspark and Gnash which are an unofficial Open Source alternative for Flash Player. Are they any good, or has anyone used them before? It would be nice to play some old classic flash games with a touchscreen such as...
  13. Kippykip

    Blocking URL's from titles.

    Just looked at the threads, jesus fuck look at that spam! Looks like they're all posting links in the titles themselves. Should be relatively easy to program a URL detection thing in the XenForo php files.
  14. Kippykip

    SUGGESTION: Hold mode

    The PSP has a "Hold" switch where it makes the buttons do absolutely nothing as long as that switch is on. So if you're watching a movie on the side of your bed and bump the trigger buttons, you don't skip the whole movie. It would be neat if the pyra can have some sorta option/mode like that too.
  15. Kippykip

    Just Pre-ordered!

    I just gotta save up and pay the rest after it's released. Now we wait... and play Doom...
  16. Kippykip

    N64 Emulation

    I don't play N64 so this wouldn't worry me too much, but I'd be interested to know if the dual 1.5ghz ARM CPU would be enough power to handle N64 emulation.
  17. Kippykip

    Transparent Shell Colours!

    Looking at the clear shells of the Pyra prototypes, it got me thinking on what if there were coloured versions. Like early PS1 Controllers. So I've made a bunch of coloured edits to see what it would roughly look like! (Excuse my dodgy skills).