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  1. Night

    True GameBoy Color backlit screen mod

    I might be late picking up on this, but i guess it's better late than never. Anyway, i recently noticed this little story about a listing on a chinese website which allegedly had a moded GameBoy Color with a true backlit screen on sale (here's a video about it from some guy on YouTube). Now...
  2. Night

    A small problem with the [img] BBCode.

    I just tried posting an image in some topic on the forums and it turns out you can't really do that as the image menu won't accept any size parameters bigger than 0. That said, there's also no image inclusion button in the post editor either, the only way i got to the image menu to begin with is...
  3. Night

    Razer's OSVR - Open Source Virtual Reality Platfrom.

    A few days ago i found this online: Didn't find any specifications yet, but as far as i understood, it's some sort of an open software platform that focuses on providing a unified standart for VR hardware and software (mostly games). So in other words (again, as far as i understood it), it's...
  4. Night

    Collectible retro console "upgrading" or refurbishing?

    Recently, after a friend of mine and myself started finding old consoles in rather interesting places, along with the added effects of instant nostalgia. I started taking a liking for collecting old consoles and games. But as experience shows so far (mostly with the old PS1's we found), the...
  5. Night

    Open source Beverages

    I've stumbled upon this one fun thing the other day. Apperantly there's open soruce recepies for beverages like cola and beer relesed under the GPL and CC licenses. thought brewing beer is not that uncommon, i found this being quite.. interesting of sort...
  6. Night

    Pandora Addons

    I've been getting bored lately and I have the feeling nobody on the board's has anything more interesting to do than suggest adding random thing for and with the Pandora, just rant about random thing about the Pandora or just stair at Alec's OP Team stalker hoping for an update. Now that we...