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  1. carlgeorge

    What Is Going On ?

    I feel sorry for ED in all this. He's also invested a lot into this project and seems like a top notch bloke.
  2. carlgeorge

    Hairline Crack Forming At Screen Hinge?

    kinky ;) Seriously, just send it back.
  3. carlgeorge

    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    I disagree. This is the first time I've seen this info. Just because you've seen it many times doesn't mean everyone has.
  4. carlgeorge

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    Edit: (nearly) one sentence. Amazed that its still taking this long get the first batch out the door AND wondering whether anyone that ordered has died in the time it's taken for it to be delivered.
  5. carlgeorge

    Travelling Round Oz - Suggestions

    I moved over to Australia earlier this year from the UK, and I haven't looked back. It's a great place. Last year I traveled all over Oz, seeing which area(s) I'd go and look for work. I was surprised to find that I liked places that I didn't expect to like, or even places I knew nothing...
  6. carlgeorge

    Enjoying my new life in the Sun!

    Enjoying my new life in the Sun!
  7. carlgeorge

    Enjoying my new life in the Sun!

    Enjoying my new life in the Sun!
  8. carlgeorge

    Dimensions Of The Pandora And Screen

    It's not too heavy that you'll have any problems holding it for long -- however the screen will probably keep falling shut in that orientation ;)
  9. carlgeorge

    GP32X Needs You!

    Poor Sony, no recommendations. I would like to see someone who is fairly new and who isn't a dick head. We need another Mali!
  10. carlgeorge

    Why Are So Many Selling Their Pandora On Ebay

    Asmo hit the nail on the head for me. I just didn't 'take to it' and it was destined for the drawer. Nothing has lived up to the GP32 for me, and I suspect nothing will.
  11. carlgeorge

    Pandora For Sale

    I've also got a GP2X that I'm willing to give away to anyone on this site for free. All I'd ask is for you to cover the cost of postage (from the UK.) It's a F-100 'First Edition' in good condition although the joystick cap needs glueing on as it falls off easily. Post here if you're...
  12. carlgeorge

    Hellollo And Goodbyeye

    I get what you're saying Plowman, but I don't think that this thread is about money at all like other ones we've had, I think this guy is simply sick of waiting and probably sick of all the knob heads that the forums have attracted too. He's been here since 2005 after all. Also, goodbye NeuTek.
  13. carlgeorge

    I Feel Down

    I have the exact opposite view to Prometheus regarding my Pandora. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have hardly used it.
  14. carlgeorge

    Pandora For Sale

    I hope your dog gets better.
  15. carlgeorge

    Pandora For Sale

    Hi all, I've just listed my Pandora on ebay because I've found that I'm simply not interested in gaming any more. I've had it a couple of weeks now and I've barely used it. Nothing wrong with it, in fact it appears to be a very good example. It's down to me, I've been holding off playing...
  16. carlgeorge

    Will Production Ever Step Up A Gear?

    Where has this October date come from? I can't find any comments from the OPT members about October. Can someone post a link so I can read what I've obviously missed here please? Ta.
  17. carlgeorge

    Pandora Recieved

    Cheers for the answers guys. I did read some of the on-line manual but I never found that pearl of info, so thanks for that. It does seem odd that you can't turn it off and plug it in to charge overnight like you would any other hand-held, but if that is the way it is then that's what I'll...
  18. carlgeorge

    Pandora Recieved

    Sorry I should have elaborated more. For some reason the only way I can get mine to charge without it been 'on' is to turn the wifi off and put it into sleep mode. Everything other permutation I have tried simply turns it 'on' if it is plugged into the mains. I have even tried 'shut down'...
  19. carlgeorge

    Pandora Recieved

    I've got to agree with everything you say here. Mine is exactly the same in many respects. My problem is with charging.