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    Femamegp2x Update

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    Femamegp2x Update

    Yes it would obscure it. I had the strange idea that you had added support for both titles and snaps through a toggle feature. That would be pretty cool though! Edit: I seem to have lost the ability to change game specific options (the ones when you first boot) like frequency, screen...
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    Femamegp2x Update

    Been waiting for this a long time. Thank you so much. Question: Can't see titles or snaps. Where do I place them in the directory?
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    Boomshine2x 1.11 Released

    Thank you. I love this game when I want to relax.
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    Animatch V1.2

    Thanks for all your hard work, Ruckage. You have great aesthetic style. :)
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    4gb Sd (not Sdhc) Card For £10

    Yeah the non High Capacity 4GB cards work well. It's what I used to use until I applied the SDHC hack.
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    I Hope The Gp2x Wiz Will Not Kill The Pandora. What Do You Think ?

    And quite a few people are getting both.
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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.4

    Sounds fine to me (and Rygar is one of my faves). Have you done a clean install? Rygar had terrible sound a few versions of MAME ago.
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    Gp2x Newbie

    I get about 3hrs15mins life with 2100 mAh batteries and just over 4hrs with 2500 mAh.
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.3

    @jbrodack: I thought Ultimate 11 wasn't working. Thanks for reminding me about need for cache file. @Manjuu: Nice tips!
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.3

    There was a Super Sidekicks game or two I couldn't play on GnGeo due to poor raster effects. Gonna have to try them again. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Abuse Ported To Gp2x V1.0

    I am impressed that you took so much time considering all the different control schemes and what would be best for the respective platform. I have an F100 and it's nice to see that all 16 directions are being utilised which is rare for ANY software on the device. Having an unmodded F100 could...
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    Sqdef 1.4

    Looks great!
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    [gp2x Wiki] Featured Application - Gpsp

    Bubble Train from Previously Featured Apps is great. It's an updated version of Puzz Loop / Ballistic. There was recently a WiiWare version (not as good as Bubble Train) called Magnetica in USA, Shunkan Puzzloop in Japan and Actionloop Twist in PAL territories.
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    [gp2x Wiki] Featured Application - Gpsp

    Yeah I agree. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks, Alex.
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 6 Released

    Thanks for this bman and Barracuda. :)
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    Vice 2.0 (25 Jul 2008) Released

    Download here. ** C64/C128 changes ------------------- - Improved $01 behaviour with regards to unused bit fall-off. - New experimental NEOS and Amiga mouse support. - Added a working RTC to the emulation of the IDE64 cartridge. - New more precise PAL emulation, works only with double size...
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    Gp2x... What Does It Do?

    Definitely stick with 2.1.1 firmware. Later firmware is crap and many people brick their units also. The only update you might want to do is 'SDHC support for GP2X 2.1.1 firmware kernel'. Lets you use cards 8GB and over (as well as 4GB SDHC).
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    Is My Sd Card Corrupted?

    If Windows used to see it, it's definitely corrupted. You need to format it. Try backing up first on a different computer that can still read it.
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.2

    Great news. This is a fantastic emulator. For anyone who doesn't know, this emulator is currently the best way to play CPS1 games but as you can see it does a lot more also. Service Mode being added is great too. This is something that cps2emu has had for quite some time. GnGeo beta will...