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    Keyboard Support

    Thanks for the reply - I couldn't find the thread. But I am particular looking at Amiga, Atari 800 and Atari ST emulators to have such a feature.
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    Keyboard Support

    Is there any keyboard support for the gp2x or any plans, as this for me would be the icing on the cake. As for the TV-Out - and being able to use a seperate keyboard for eg, a c64 emulator would be a dream!
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    Megadrive Rpg's

    Warsong - much like shining force\advance wars - have a go at that
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    Homebuilt Docking Stations

    All extremely good ideas. I would buy a gp2x tommorow, an entire emulation system plugged into your TV with Keyboard\Joypads as well as a handheld device.
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    Gp2psx V0.35

    If anyone can tell me how any of this games play, it will determine my purchase of a gp2x. Any ISS Pro Evolution game or ISS Deluxe Abes Exodus Warcraft 2 !!!! Pro Pinball (or any pinball game) Vagrant Story Parappa the Rapper
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    How Good Of A Gamer Are You?

    Its really dependant on the game: I play pro evo 5 regular online and have become increasingly better at it - with a long winning streaks. Though I play World Of Warcraft which I don't think I'm the best of players, though I enjoy it. Its hard to gauge how good you truly are unless you play...
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    Heart Of The Alien Redux Gp32

    How big is the file on the gp32? Damn, times like this - I wish I had a gp32 with some sort of lighting!
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    When did I compare myself? Click here for a definition -Come again...?? I do agree with this site being completely uncreative and is shameless :D . Though the cocky attitude - I'm completely unaware of. Maybe people would rather own a few pixels on a website then have an opportunity to win...
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    In all honesty its my idea - and its meant not to be taken seriously, but who truly knows. There have been 2 kids in Wiltshire who have made a million doing a similar thing but for example, buying pixels for your graphic on the website and cannot remember the other idea. But the thing is - I...
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    Mission to a million ^^ What do you reckon gals and guys?
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    Atari 800 [v0.8] For Gp2x

    I've probably forgotten loads of games, but also Ultima 1-4 is available. Leave a message here anyone if your looking for an atari 800 game. I have means of copying via my old atari to my PC etc.
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    Atari 800 [v0.8] For Gp2x

    Alternate Reality: The Dungeon - BEST RPG ever(also checkout the City) Autoduel Cytron Masters(such a good RTS - I reckons Dune nicked from this) Hacker Hard Hat Willy Masters Of The Lamp Mediator Mule Knock yourself out with these sites.
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    Not So Portable Handheld

    The best idea, I would buy a gp32x right away if this was possible. Then again I should do anyway to pledge my support.
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    First Edition Vs Recent Release Gp2x Question

    Its quite amusing how members on here claim to know everything gp32x, then realise they are incorrect. Don't act like a cunt and play nice, it does seem a little elitist at times.
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    GP2X Amiga Emu

    Pretty sure those 2 are on Atari ST. I disagree with the best games not existing on the Atari ST:- BAT Dungeon Master Populous Powermonger Kick Off 2 Midwinter Stunt Car Racer Mean Streets Battlemaster need I go on?
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    Sounds Like There Are Many Problems With The Gp2x

    Released to the public too early. I'm certainly not buying one until the hardware is improved. Though people are quicker to moan than praise generally speaking. I did have a bad gut feeling about the gp2x being released, as soon as the Distributors on this board were talking about GPH...
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    Mamegp2x W.i.p

    *starts to jerk off*
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    Is Anything Using Both Prosesors Yet ?

    Wish I understood this low-level programming more. But wouldn't be ace to have a programming framework which would balance the load between the 2 processors.
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    Gp2x Second Batch Shipped Today? (gbax)

    Okay, your next task is to eat a bigger and meatier pie. Good luck in your quest.
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    Gp2x Second Batch Shipped Today? (gbax)

    Pie man, eat a pie. Then come back to us, I have some more words of wisdom once this task has been completed.