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    Should Pyra have a Camera?

    Maybe I've missed a feature, but is it even possible to make telephone calls with the Pyra? If not, how could it replace a smartphone or even dumbphone? It would be nice however if the Pyra-pcb would have a physical CSI-connector so that enthousiasts could connect a camera-module to the Pyra...
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    E-ink Screen

    Rugged: I talked about 24:15 in the video that Kiga mentioned on top of this page. Again, if it is so rugged, why do would manufacturers put Gorilla Glass in front of it? It's probably not scratch resistant at all. Refresh Rate. In that video you've posted, Angry Birds runs at a (for E-Ink)...
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    Should Pyra have a Camera?

    Gonna drop my 2 cents here. If you have followed the $25 Raspberry Pi-camera board come to life, you'd have noticed that creating a camera board is not a matter of plug and play. The following two posts by David Plowman explain pretty well the work that had to be done. Apparently it was not the...
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    E-ink Screen

    Rugged: Look at 24:15 in the video and notice the amount of scratches when the screen is at an angle. In general you should be really sceptical when watching those promo's from manufacturers. If it isn't scratch-resistant enough, you still need protection for your screen, especially for a Pyra...
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    E-ink Screen

    The e-paper display of the first Yotaphone is protected by curved glass made by Corning. The devices are manufactured by Hi-P International in Singapora. This company earlier produced Amazon's e-readers.  Of course, it would be great to have a lid with an e-paper display, but I think it's too...
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    Website dedicated to Pyra development

    Great idea to create a website to make it easier for developers to get started. However, I'd nice if this site was hosted by ED and if it'd be an official website. In this thread I proposed to add support for Pyra to Cocos2d-x which would result in a SDK (mostly used for 2D games) that you'd...
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    Idea to get (more) games to the Pyra by supporting Cocos2d-x

    There is indeed no DRM. Cocos2d-x has no binairies for download, just the source code on Git under the MIT-license. As far as monetizing goes: I don't think many developers would see the Pyra-platform as a target market to make money from. It's a niche market and developers wouldn't gain much...
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    Idea to get (more) games to the Pyra by supporting Cocos2d-x

    Hi! I don't know anything about Pandora's/Pyra's software ecosystem and supported frameworks and hardware design, so pardon me if this has already been discussed or is simply impossible.  To bring more people to the Pyra, I think it would be great if the Cocos2d-x framework would be supported...
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    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    Where on the Kickstarter-site did anyone see that backers donate money to Project Creators or invest money into a company? Nowhere! Kickstarter is not a gamble. You either get your reward or you get a refund. Kickstarter is not a pre-order, but the bounding agreement between the creator and the...
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    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    60 dollars? I think that's a typo.. we're talking about $ 204,045 dollar. Maybe you think it's ok for a company to gather over 0.2 million dollar and give nothing in return, for many people this is just theft, fraud, a scam or whatever you want to call it. And Kickstarter being a grey area? That...
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    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    The (84) pledges for iCP1's-only *were* delivered. Only the (117) iCP1/iCP2-pledges were not sent out, most likely because of the extra shipping costs when sending them separately.
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    Please help me - to build a scale model of my P2 Concept - modeling & technical advice required

    Have a look at this website of a Lipo-manufacturer to see which batteries are available there. They have got plenty of variations of sizes from square to rectangular and from thin to thick. The 10 hours depends on the power consumption. I think 4000 mAh is not enough for a larger display to get...
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    Design F for P2

    The previous design E had some flaws. So after some tinkering here's a further developed design. Again, the P2 needs some geeky features to stand out from the crowd. The concept consists of two products: a 5.0 inch HDMI-capable LCD-screen and a headless ARM-PC. Combining the two gives a...
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    I think I might have been Scammed by Open Pandora.

    I'm surprised that everyone here on the forum always tells that suing doesn't do any good and doesn't solve anything. How do you all know that? Maybe Craig has bought a nice car with his company that he can sell to pay people their refunds? Maybe he invested money from his Pandora-company into...
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    Pandora 2 should be a 5" Linux Tablet with no built in gaming controls, but... - With Hinge & Attach

    Well, this Nyko system actually requires you to fasten the replacementbattery with 5 tiny screws. You don't expect ppl to really screw the battery to the tablet every time they want to use the device as a tablet, do you? The 3DS just rests (loose) on the charger, like i.e. handsets of phones in...
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    Design E(h mon - Ferrari Edition) for P2

    Hi Mr_Loon. I'm a little short on time, but just wanted to tell you that I"m working a further iteration of the concept with an easier to construct hinge, a different screen and a different battery sollution. I hope to have it ready by the end of this week. I hope you agree that our concepts...
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    Official Pandora Video Thread

    Here is the list of the games I think that are being played. It's pretty scary after so many years I only had to look up one game as I wasn't sure about it's name. Brings back good memories those games!  :wub: 0:18 Bubble Bobble 0:37 Bruce Lee 0:59 Commando 1:22 Cybernoid 1:38 HERO 1:58...
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    Where to buy this Human Keyboard?

    That Sharp-organizer does indeed have a great keyboard. I hope I've still got it that device somewhere on the attic so I can use it for a mod.
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    Design E(h mon - Ferrari Edition) for P2

    Making the screen suitable for portrait mode is a good idea and can be easily realized by moving the connectors on the side to the middle and adding holes to prevent strain on the connectors. I explicitely chose NOT to have the PCB in the lid, so that it can be designed more easily, it can...