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    Super Mario War?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Super Mario War port for GP32?
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    Ok I'v been out of the scene for a very long time and I am sure this has been answered numerous times but I cannot find anything searching for it. What exactly is a BLU+?
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    Any Ideas For Going Rolling?

    Ok me and my friend wanna roll this one girl(one of our friends) but we can't think of a good idea. Anyone got any ideas on what to do? We are trying to not vandalize too much(in other words we dont wanna paint the girls car).
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    Anyone Gotten Their Gp32 Painted?

    Like the title says has anyone gotten their Gp32 painted at and can show pictures of it?
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    What Are Best Screen Protectors?

    Anyone know some good screen protectors that cover the Gp32?
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    Anyone Beat Vertical Horizontally?

    I was bored today so I tried to beat Vertical horizontally with only one hand moving the ship and shooting while the other one uses the shield. I beat it but with only 1 life to spare. Anyone else tried this?
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    Good Cricket Games?

    Anyone know any good cricket games playable on Gp32 and what the settings for them are? Preferably one with real cricket teams.
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    GP32 Anyone Ever Got A Devc++ Environment Set Up?

    I already have an environment set up in Crimson Editor but does anyone know how to set one up with DevC++?
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    GP32 Mirko: Blitblit Function?

    I dont know what other people call it, but I call it BlitBlit functions. Anyone know if Mirkos has this or how to implement it? Note: If you don't know what I'm talking about. I just mean a function that takes the x, y, height, and width of one image and then takes the x and y of where you...
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    What Happened To Flubba?

    I thought he won a Gp32 BLU, but he hasn't said anything on these boards about it. Anyone know if he has gotten his Gp32 yet?
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    Squidge Leaving Again?

    I was just wondering if Squidge is leaving again. He posted this but alot of people have been just joking about leaving and never do. Hopefully this is one of those jokes.
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    GP32 Totally Lost On Arrays :(

    Ok I am having problems with this code: typedef struct { u16 x; u16 y; unsigned char sprite[]; }Sprites; Sprites image[19]; image[1].sprite[]=barS[]; barS in this is just a .bmp converted to .c for Mirkos SDK. If I do this: typedef struct { u16 x; u16 y; unsigned char sprite[]...
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    GP32 Mirkos Sdk With Gpide Help Revisited :(

    Ok I'v tried forever to get this to work. I'm sure Mr. Mirko could help me but I don't know what to do so I'm coming to you guys. I have devkitadv setup in C:\devkitadv\ and I have Mirkos SDK in this. So Mirkos SDK is in C:\devkitadv\gp32_MrMirko\ . I have to modify the makefile to include...
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    I didn't notice any other topic on it. So I figured I'd make one. This is one great emulator. Shows some real promise and the author is working hard on it.
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    Can You Only Get 166 And Not 168?

    Well recently lots of people have been posting that their BLUS are only getting 166 and not even 168. There was always the thing about 200mhz BLUS, but I think they are more scarce than at first suspected. Lets make a list of 166 only BLUS. Mine is the first on the list I suppose.
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    Vertical And Horizontal Shooters?

    Anyone have a good list of vertical and horizontal shooters that work well on the GP32? I know that its kinda hard to play vertical shooters other than Vertical(GOD I LOVE THAT GAME!) on the Gp32 because of the screen. Any suggestions would help. Also anyone know where to get some good Gp32...
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    About N-gage But Not Really A Vs.

    Ok I was just wondering if people thought that the N-Gage would have been successful had they not tried to put in all the phone features? I mean what about just a regular old console with 2 or 4 buttons that runs Java like a phone but doesn't have the phone buttons. Instead maybe like a...
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    GP32 How Well Is The Sdl Port?

    I was just wondering I heard that this port wasn't fully done. I asked this on another thread but got no response. So I am wondering is this port atleast to the level of the Dreamcast port or is it behind it and if so how far? Thank you.
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    Back Of Gp32?

    I have seen several pictures of the back of a Gp32. The main difference is the battery cover. One has an icon painted on a battery cover and one has a sticker on it. What determines what you get?
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    Black Gp32 On Ebay

    I don't know if this has been mentioned or not(or even where it goes), but there is the rare ASR black GP32 being sold on ebay. Its pretty steep 200-250 dollars, but its not bad. Anyway check it out: