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    GP2X Faster 32-bpp To 16-bpp Blit

    Was inspired by SenorQuack's replacement for fb_write in SDL (converting 32-bit color to a GP2X 16-bit framebuffer), so I made my own. FastBlitV1 and FastBlitV2 were my two optimizations, both went from 12 to 8 instructions per pixel, and both require alpha channel (typ 8 bits in the pixel...
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    Faster 32bpp To 16bpp Blit

    (mods: not sure if this belongs here or in General Talk, feel free to move it. Just figured it would be of interest to a lot of projects that do 32-bit surfaces etc) My first optimization in ARM asm on GP2X :ph34r: Derived from...
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    Gp2x Tutorial: Setup Usbnet On Windows Xp 64-bit

    (I could only find Linux tutorials, so I'm writing this while I still have it fresh in my head. Also works for normal XP - but see below. Mods: feel free to move the thread if this is not the forum for it.) First off, a BIG thanks to Dimacus! He told me the "trick" which is basically: a ) Set...
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    GP2X (or Maybe Somewhere?

    In the demo dev thread by Dzz, in version 6 he solved a problem with Execve("gp2xmenu",0,0) that made you turn the gp2x off/on to use USB again. Ofc, the links are dead to all .zips after v5. :blink: So, this is a general call out: anyone have on their harddisk still? If so please...