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    Photographs Of Really Big Things...

    Hubble space telescope pics. they're not photographs, strictly speaking... they've had the colours messed with, and extra information added, from the x-ray scans, gamma ray scans, etc... but they are just *so* *nice* (URL pointed out to me on IRC this evening)
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    Vic-20 Emulator

    I'm told a port of a VIC-20 emulator would run full-speed with no optimisation on the GP32... (it's only 1mhz, 5k RAM or something) and i've heard before that coders would rather go for the glory of emulating something a bit more... impressive, but... it would be nice. i know ports require...
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    GP32 Archimedes Emulator

    Ok i was chatting to a couple of l33t coders on IRC tonight... the conversation went from 8-bit-computers to 16-bits to emulation etc... anyway I suggested the topic of an acorn archimedes emulator for GP32... it was the first in the ARM family, running at 10-12 MHZ and with nothing much in...
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    Had To Pass This On... Guess The Film...

    look here I only got one :S
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    Melty Blood Stimulate looks pretty :) link
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    Wild About Animals

    what a great idea! anyone tried it?
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    Drunken Frogger Corrupted Display...

    Hi :) I downloaded drunken frogger from PDRoms, but as soon as I start to play, the screen becomes corrupted and it becomes very difficult to play. I've noticed that it 'goes back to normal' after you wait a while, but it's really not a problem, as I can mostly remember where I am and what...
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    Pick One Of The 2... Regarding Framerate...

    those who can handle 10 fps or less have superior brain power and imagination, which fills in the gaps for them and makes it tolerable, sometimes even pleasurable for them to play games at 10 fps or less... OR: those who can handle 10 fps or less are somehow stupid in a helpful way.. their...
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    Fooxxed Joystick Diagonals Solution

    one frequent problem GP32 owners have is the fact that it's very difficult to get the joystick to register diagonals. I had this problem. top-left was impossible for me. one fix is to pull the joystick out a bit. this works, but I found that if i was playing an intense game of llamatron i'd...
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    Why Do People Say The Xbox Is Too Big? :s

    when THIS is so much bigger... :blink: :D
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    Gp32 Tv Console

    pretty much a theoretical question for the tech-heads amongst us... I remember a few months ago on the boards, someone posted a pic of a pretty small motherboard that came with a processor very similar/the same as the gp32's processor, and (it was said) that if you could put the gp32 firmware...
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    Realistic Option For Low Cost Cardboard Housing...

    read this then scroll down a little for the punchline... It's still $35,000... WTF? :blink: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Gpdrive.. Squidgelink... Where?

    ? :blink:
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    Free Music!

    anyone want a copy of my mix CD? it's dance, with lots of lyrics, it lasts an hour, and i'm willing to send a copy on CDR in MP3 format to anyone that wants it... i'll even pay postage :) music circa 2002, 130BPM, very nicely beatmatched ;) PM me with your address if you're interested...
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    Lucid Dreaming And Other 'anomalous' Experiences..

    In the vein of recent posts about time travel, chakra energy, and whatnot, I'd like to ask others here about other 'strange' things in their lives... ever seen a ghost? ever been telepathic/had other psychic experiences? some people can fold up their tongue into three loops, most people can...
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    Teach Dirty Spammers A Lesson :)

    You may also send your messages to: Domain Name: moron.COM Registrar: ENOM, INC. Whois Server: Referral URL: Name Server: DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM Name Server: DNS2.NAME-SERVICES.COM...
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    [gigas] Quick Pirotic Request...

    could you take a bit of time out for the ooxoo ooxoo ooxoo ooooo xxxxx ooooo tile-collision bug-fix thingy please? i've got a few ideas, but this is really f$((king up my maps... expect a couple of little games after this gets fixed... :P:P:P
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    Yay! 100 Posts!

    GP32 hardcore... now when do I get my Guru status? ;)
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    Lacuna High Score Thread

    3312 on the default settings so far... but it's probably pretty shit :P LET'S 'AVE YER!