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    Streets Of Rage Remake - game mods not working?

    Hi all,            I've been looking at some more software for my Pandora recently & discovered that Streets Of Rage Remake was available. So, downloaded it & got it all up & running. All hunky dory ..... or so I thought! To make it clear, I am running the main "SORR" game without any issues...
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    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Thank you so much ptitseb! It was the location of the .wav files that was causing the issue. i was extremely careful when naming the files as I am aware of capital/lower case issue. I can now enjoy the original Outrun with my favourite tracks from the "Outrun 20th Anniversay collection". Again...
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    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Hi again folks,                       Your help & suggestions are realy appreciated! :) As a "Windows Man" I'm afraid that the Linux command prompts are a little over my head. But I'm hoping that someone can see what's wrong from what I'm about to post. First off, is the...
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    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    I have to confess that as a relative newcomer to the Pandora & not being that good with PC type things I don't know how to to what you've suggested.  I've looked in "File System > tmp" but see no "pndrun_cannonball.out". However, if you're willing & got the time to post instructions in case I'm...
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    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Is it at all possible to use custom audio files like it is in the PC version? I copied over my PC config.xml & wav files to the Pandora. While selecting the music in game I can see the XML has had an effect as I see "Splash Wave Remix" when selecting the music. Sadly, no audio plays even though...
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    Release PicoDrive revival (1.9x)

    The GP2X emulator "AlexKidd2x" did support the FM sound. As I'm coming from the GP2X to Pandora it's going to be one of those little things that I would miss. Having FM sound on Picodrive would be the icing on the cake .... at least for me! Although there are around 40 games if memory serves...
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    Release PicoDrive revival (1.9x)

    Thanks for this great emu Notaz. I used this all the on the GP2X many moons ago and am now using this on my new Pandora! It'sgreat to see so many improvements over the last version of Picodrive I used. I have one question relating to the Master System side of things. I know this wasn't...
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    Faster delivery/upgrade - Craig's orders

    I also ordered on 2-10-08, and am also in the same position as you both in that I'm still awaiting "something", be it a email or Pandora!To be honest, I'm quite chilled out about it in that I've not really been paying much attention to the boards recently. I know that it will turn up eventually...
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    Old Thread About Fake Sd Cards

    Thank you urjaman. Very much appreciated!!
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    Old Thread About Fake Sd Cards

    Hi folks, I remember a thread on here ages ago that talked about SD cards, fakes & a utility that would test if they are really the size that they claim to be. While I don't want the whole thread, I just can't remember what this utility was. I hoping that someone here can jog my...
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    Any News From The Assembly Line ?

    I second this. I too have been waiting patiently since when the pre-orders first opened. So far, I have refrained from emailing any of the Pandora team simply because I don't want to add to their already daunting workload with the usual "where am I in the queue" & "where can I buy one" etc, etc...
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    Headphones On The Pandora

    I'm guessing bluetooth headphones would work as well?
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    How Do We Decide?

    Been a lurker here for a long time. I would consider myself to be one of these people who would want the Pandora as a "toy", as it was put earlier. I ordered on 2/10/08. I believe most of the pre-orders are from people like myself who are only interested in the "end product" .. ie, just switch...
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    Temper Pc-engine/turbografx-16 Emulator V0.7

    Thank you to bman, Exophase & Slaneesh and josh f. for all your tips and pointers. I'm now fully up & running with this emu. I think my problem was not editing the cue sheet after ripping the cd to bin/iso. (That is the only thing I have done differently now ... my initial cue sheet was...
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    Gmenu2x V0.9 Released

    Is there a way that I can install this and keep all my settings from the previous version? Is there a config file or something that I can rescue from the previous install that has the settings stored?
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    Sega Cd Compatability

    Shining Force ---- I forgot to mention to skip the cut scenes.
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    Sega Cd Compatability

    Here are a few others that I have found to be working ok ... Eternal Champions Heimdall Keio Flying Squadron Robo Aleste Shining Force Smurfs, The Wild Woody Wolfchild Wonderdog
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    Picodrive 1.10

    Done a fair bit of testing with this today. I have tested several games that don't work (I'll list those so others don't waste their time testing). But I have found another 2 that I would consider to be playable. They are: Shining Force CD (Pal) - First requires the Mega CD internal ram to be...
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    Alexkidd2x V0.5 Xmas Edition

    Thanks for this ... top stuff! With the exception of Wonderboy 3, has anybody managed to get any other FM chipset compatible games working with FM sound? (Outrun, California Games, Double Dragon, Shinobi & R-Type are just a few that are FM compatible -- there are over 40 FM games, even...