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  1. DJRoby4

    Returning Caanoo To

    1) I find emulators to be nearly perfect 2) Yes, you can. It depends on the caanoo itself, not on the SD! 2b) So, if it's defective, you're unlucky, that's all :) Return it so! 4) Oh, come on... 960 on 76800...
  2. DJRoby4

    Returning Caanoo To

    1) Did anybody told you that all the emulators are a work of the community? 2) Change your SD card. Then they will work 3) In wich software) Try the button tester in the settings, if it does not work, it is defective 4) Come on! For 3-4 pixels!
  3. DJRoby4

    What I Was Working On Before I Left Gp32X

    The fact that you've left. I think there are only a bunch of developers now that actively develop for caanoo :(
  4. DJRoby4

    What I Was Working On Before I Left Gp32X

    What a sad thing :(
  5. DJRoby4

    Which Handheld Should I Get?

    My reply will always be: Caanoo. Sorry, I'm an old shoold man and these android consoles seem like a chinese piece of crap for me. Waiting for the new JXD series or the GCW Zero.
  6. DJRoby4


    n97!? Seriously?
  7. DJRoby4

    Member Profile Tab

    I also had this problem tons of times... not so important...
  8. DJRoby4

    Now That Fungp Is No More...

    I would really like asura. I'm enjoying a lot liar...
  9. DJRoby4

    Now That Fungp Is No More...

    Glad to hear that. But it would be unofficial like openhandhelds. But with the OpenPandora's repo CMS.
  10. DJRoby4

    Now That Fungp Is No More...

    Actually reviving FunGP is a project, since ED told me he could buy it. For the DRM, I will ask him as soon he gets online.
  11. DJRoby4

    Would It Be A Good Idea To Build A New Os For The Wiz?

    Caanoo please :'( Anyway great idea... if I only had a wiz D:
  12. DJRoby4

    Caanoo Firmware / Yaffs2 Decompiling

    That would be GREAT!! :D
  13. DJRoby4

    [Caanoo] A Few Questions

    On ubuntu I was using arista, or ffmpeg in terminal! :D
  14. DJRoby4

    Prboom With Picklelauncher For Caanoo

    It now works! :D,1,0,0,20,527
  15. DJRoby4

    Prboom With Picklelauncher For Caanoo

    Can you upload the game? (Even on dropbox or something). The dl link is not working....
  16. DJRoby4

    Mazezam For The Gp2X

    LOL. You got an official yoshi seal of quality! You are awesome! :D
  17. DJRoby4

    Is Psx Good On Caanoo?

    Not fullspeed. With some slowdowns almost all the games! :D But they are mostly playable!
  18. DJRoby4

    Analog Joystick Canoo Vs Zodiac's

    I don't have the zodiac, I can't judge. Just keep in mind that the Caanoo one is great! :D
  19. DJRoby4

    Emulators For Gp2X-F300

    Custom built? Like this? But probably jou're just trolling us. Compliments :)
  20. DJRoby4

    Arora Rift

    *.* Awesome! :D