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    Super Mario War?

    K my email is
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    Super Mario War?

    Can you please PM me the source of the newer extended version? I might wanna try to help in porting it.
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    Super Mario War?

    I am not saying that there is one. I just havent been on these forums in ages and I remember that there was being made. I was just checking up on the status of it. In
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    Super Mario War?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Super Mario War port for GP32?
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    Ok I'v been out of the scene for a very long time and I am sure this has been answered numerous times but I cannot find anything searching for it. What exactly is a BLU+?
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    Games You Have Played Until Daybreak

    Lol the one that probably stands out the most is Metal Gear Solid because I tried to play it for like 10 hour straight. Also a bunch of various online games get me addicted.
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    Mpx200....worth Getting It?

    True but its alot more bulkier.
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    Mpx200....worth Getting It?

    I got one and its not really that great. Gaming is minimal but media capabilities and internet is good. People keep coming up to you and say "pimpin phone man". So thats kinda cool
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    Differences Between Normal And 166 Version

    The 166mhz version goes to 166 mhz.....
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    I Hate Skool!!

    Lol my school has 1 out of every 4 girls pregneant or with a you can just imagine the education.
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    Us Election 2004

    Lol Americans are hilarious. There are actually people voting for Bush thats funny in itself.
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    Best Dance Dance Revolution Sim?

    Stepmania is what most people use.
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    Any Ideas For Going Rolling?

    Lol thats a good one.
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    Any Ideas For Going Rolling?

    Its like when people throw toilet paper all over another persons trees, egg their house, put flamingos in their yard, etc.
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    Any Ideas For Going Rolling?

    Ok me and my friend wanna roll this one girl(one of our friends) but we can't think of a good idea. Anyone got any ideas on what to do? We are trying to not vandalize too much(in other words we dont wanna paint the girls car).
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    "pituka" In Dev

    FINALLY!!!! YES!!!!
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    Robert J. Shepherd Interview

    Nice interview man. Why he make fun of Linux?
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    How Long After....

    I'm gonna give people the doubt and say 21 days(good number).
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    Leaving The Scene :)

    Cya man
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    Gigas-engine 0.7.1 Released