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    Idea to get (more) games to the Pyra by supporting Cocos2d-x

    Hi! I don't know anything about Pandora's/Pyra's software ecosystem and supported frameworks and hardware design, so pardon me if this has already been discussed or is simply impossible.  To bring more people to the Pyra, I think it would be great if the Cocos2d-x framework would be supported...
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    Design F for P2

    The previous design E had some flaws. So after some tinkering here's a further developed design. Again, the P2 needs some geeky features to stand out from the crowd. The concept consists of two products: a 5.0 inch HDMI-capable LCD-screen and a headless ARM-PC. Combining the two gives a...
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    Design E(h mon - Ferrari Edition) for P2

    Hi,   I've been playing around with Sketchup to create a design for the P2. I think the P2 must have some nice nerdy features that make it stand out from the massive crowd of smartphones, tablets, mini computer sticks and the small pcb's like the Raspberry Pi, Odroid and Via Mini PC. That's why...