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    160 Vs 166

    good point! you're a clever guy/gal. (no sarcasm) I got my GP32 from GBAX before they started doing the mods... it's 156-friendly without any hardware messing-about... ... it does for me. I'm pretty fucking weirded-out when people talk about their 220mhz GP32's nowadays though... I...
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    Review Of The Ultimate Ministick Fix!

    i wasn't talking about taking the back off the gp32 and putting paper inside, if that's what the 'quickfix' is. my top-left didn't work at all, and the rest were near-enough impossible to hit, so I did what I said above. result- all diagonals work, and have a much larger 'arc of...
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    Review Of The Ultimate Ministick Fix!

    take the joystick off, narrow the shaft using a craft knife, stuff some paper up inside the joystick so it keeps the joystick 'pulled-out' type of thing, and there you go. there's really no need to stuff your gp with paper or mess about with glue or any of that stuff :)
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    GP32 Gp32 Internet

    why not just plug your GP32 into your mobile phone, like gamepark said we could 2 years ago? :?
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    You Could Make A Gp32 Home Console

    you could hack one of those ARM developer boards to put a gp32 BIOS on it :D
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    Video Disk Emulation

    this would indeed be a great emulator for GP32... along the likes of SCUMMVM and Sarien... IE not many games added, but quality, and just kinda cool :)
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    Review Of The Ultimate Ministick Fix!

    you really don't need to take your gp32 apart to fix the joystick, dude...
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    Mame Gp32 Bad News :-(...

    I don't know the exact situation here... but my advice is... Franxis, If this is a university project, then *protect that first* any MAME source code releases due to legal stuff can be sorted out later. remove the binary... do whatever the fuck you have to, but If it's going towards a...
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    The Best Non-handheld Console?

    your xbox will play CD-RW's, but not CD-R's? I'd nott be so confident it will play playstation bin/cue's off a dvd-r if I was you... just saying...
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    Star Wars And Defender?

    i'd bet my life it's the vector version he's talking about... ;)
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    Health Project!!

    another vote for cough [ spam word ] ;)
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    Sum 1 To Help Me Wiv Gigas

    matt goode sounded stupid in his first post, plus he wrote in big red letters which made him sound double stupid. witness the jokes: If it had been wriiten in proper english there would have been none of that. there's a lesson here somewhere......
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    Tip For Fast Loading St Games

    does this work in frodo as well? a 64MB savestate would be a helluva lot better than a 170MB .D64...
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    Help With Time Bandits; Level Hack, Video, Thought

    arg my computer's being a dick. it's very temperature-sensitive at the mo (meaning: if the ambient temperature is above refrigerator temperature, then it only stays on for 20 mins at a time) should I knock up some picture files for mappy to deconstruct? I could even edit them to get rid of...
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    What Are Your Favourite "gimmicks"

    the option to include your own .MOD soundtrack would be good. and (I fel as if i've stepped into this thread too late) the things I most like about a shoot-em-up are a) the ability to power up my ship to epic proportions B) the fact that the baddies get a lot tougher too. coupled with...
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    Political Compass

    yeah it's pretty hard to reconcile real life with ideals a lot of the time... it's almost the definition of 'ideal', really...
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    Question About Processes And Graphs

    the lack of documnentation is what put me off fenix. respect to quiest.
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    Space Mission

    oh. never played it... someone gave it 1/10 though... <_< not saying it's bad, just saying...
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    Space Mission

    link please?