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  1. may88


    Just noticed that Humble Bundle has a few sega games on offer. There are 10 Genesis games in those unlocked if you pay $6 or more. link
  2. may88

    Nick May releases a CD

    Hello, Warning! Blatant plug alert.  Nick has contributed music for a number of pandora game projects (Panjoust, greyout and puzzletube to name a few). Those of you that liked his game music may be intrested in his new album....[link] Thanks for reading, -Simon.
  3. may88

    Using the Pandora to rescue a duff SD card.

    My son has a Sandisk Ultra 32Gb micro sd card. If I put it in an fullsized adaptor and into my usb card-reader on my main PC - Nothing.  It does not register as device. True for win7, ubuntu 11.something and CentOS6. The Pandora is the only system that seems to see something inserted.  It too...
  4. may88

    Pandora mentioned in RetroGamer

    There is an article in issue 98 of RetroGamer about the GameGadget which then lists the "Open source alternatives", of which, Pandora is one of them.
  5. may88

    PokerTH - is a port possible?

    Before I make an official port request I'll probably make a fool of myself by exposing my ignorance for these things. N900 is a similar spec to the Pandora, arm CPU and a 800x480 screen. A branch for the smaller screen size is mentioned on pokerth's web site. Now I'm complete ignorant about...
  6. may88

    HF6RC - can I change the format of the date?

    On the status bar the time is showing seconds and the date is in the wierd format the yanks seem to perfer. Can the be changed or is it a bug with it not picking up the locale.
  7. may88

    power supply wrecked by my wife's over vigerous vacuuming.

    I am now the proud owner of a power cable that has been separated from the plug at the solder points. I've opened the plug and there is a circuit board and I wonder at which points I need to resolder the +/- cables too. There is USB section with large holes/solder points either side with a...
  8. may88

    LCD comes on when coming out of low power mode

    I'm using the Pandora as an MP3 player (deadbeef) and I find the most effective was to pause it, if I need to take a call, is to switch the Pandora to low power mode. The case is normally closed and remains closed but I have noticed that when power is restored the LCD comes one. Opening and...
  9. may88

    Pandora pnd_mount script

    I´ve only just got my Pandora and at the week-end I was looking at the /usr/pandora/scripts scripts and was thus introduced to zenity. I was also reading many of the mali/gruso tricks, one of which was the mounting up of PND. I wrote this script to put a gui front-end to the process. It´s a...
  10. may88

    may88 is proud to announce the safe delivery of pandora.

    On Thursday 15:30 may88 took delivery of new born pandora (also called may88). Father and Pandora are doing well. Too well to post here until now. There is so much too do on this thing it´s daunting. Just to let you know there are some Pandoras trickling out. posted from the pandora. :P
  11. may88

    Smaller, Cheaper, Faster than the Pandora

    Raspberrypi for only £15. No doubt there'll be a queue and a Two MonthTM wait, and I also doubt if they've factored in working with the Chinese yet. :P
  12. may88

    Happy Birthday! I've been waiting two years.

    Hello all, Don't worry OPT this is not a gripe topic. :P I was wondering who will end up waiting the longest for their Pandora. Rules are: From date you placed your first*1 order to the date you held your first*2 Pandora. Someone at the end of day one would have had to wait some 9...
  13. may88


    There are a few little things to sort out before the end of Batch1. I'm trying to remember how many cases Craig has now and how many are still in China. I know there are enough make to start into Batch2, so the cases, as such, are no issue but their transport might yet be. If I may request...
  14. may88

    New words for the Oxford dictionary

    Walking back from town on Saturday I was trying to explain to my wife the meaning of a new, Pandora related, word I'd invented. Pandadox - Pandora related paradox. Like the burning desire to post to the forum from a Pandora about the delays in getting your Pandora. At which my wife coined...
  15. may88

    Fatih tweets

    Final Inspection... Edit: could a mod edit the typo in the heading. Sorry Fatih. Gruso edit: Fixt. :)
  16. may88

    Anyone used a Python Physic Engine.

    Hi, Has anyone used a Physics Engine with Python/Pygame? pyBox2d seems to be a choice but there are others like pyODE. Any feedback,reviews or opinions on these would be great.
  17. may88

    What should you have done instead of Pandoring

    Welcome all to my first topic on this shiny new forum. So what have you guys been neglecting to do whilst playing(using) your Pandora, or posting too much on the forums? I should have been painting the outside of my house or getting on with a few python/pygame projects. The painting has...
  18. may88

    75% Off Quake At Steam

    link I assume if I buy this package (or just the bits I want) then I'd be able to extract the WAD files for use on the Pandora???
  19. may88

    What Size Is The Pandora Screen.

    I know it is 4.3" but what is the exact width/height? Are the pixels square and preserve the 5 to 3 aspect ratio? I'm trying to work out what is the smallest font that remains finger selectable.
  20. may88

    I Want To Help!

    Craig you're a hard man to contact when you're busy. I'm happy to help this week-end (Sat/Sun). Read your emails from Jacqueline and you should have my mobile (else PM me yours). Call me tonight if you want me to arrange details. Its a 4.5hr drive so ... hurry! :P -Simon.