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    Anyone interested in Puzzle Quest going Open-Source? If so, show some love here to Steve Fawkner, the original developer for many of my loved games. Warlords, Warlords battlecry and puzzlequest. At the moment, the post is 2 weeks old with no replies.
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    Wiz For $50
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    Generic Pandora Case?
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    Linux Game Publishing Is Hiring

    QUOTE Developers Description: We are looking for experienced software developers. The following skills are essential: Strong C/C++ Also, one or more of the following skills are essential: OpenGL, with some knowledge of DirectX OpenAL, with some knowledge of Windows sound systems SDL, with some...
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    Pandora Team - Advertising Opportunity At Umpcportal

    Hello Craigix, ED and co. I think you should make a donation to UMPCPortal to get chippy to IDF. Here if the result of a $150 donation. QUOTE Donations of $150 or more get all the above plus a 120×120 ad button on the news section for August and September. Expect 250,000 people’s eyes over...
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    Would You Buy Stock In Openpandora?

    I was just interested to hear what people think about this. I sometimes wonder if OpenPandora is the beginning of a big movement in opensource and freedom software.
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    Telson Gaming Umpc QUOTE It appears to be a proof-of-concept by a company called Masterimage who have developed a 3D screen that can be used without glasses. Apart from that its fairly basic UMPC-territory with a 4.3″ 800×480 screen, 512MB RAM and a 30 or 60GB...
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    Umpcportal's Opinion On The Pandora QUOTE I really like Pandora as a device in it’s own right as it appears to satisfy most of my portable device requirements. In theory it should be able to return a Firefox experience that’s as fast as a low-end MID with Internet page...
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    Request: Dual Boot

    I'm not sure who is working on the actual official firmware OS, but I have heard hints that it will be some kind of Debian compatible thing that will allow surfing, office apps, instant messaging, themes and synchronisation to name a few. I'm a little concerned that this may invalidate the...
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    Pandora Comparison

    CODE DSLite PSP (slim) Pandora GP2X F200 GameCube CPU1 ARM9@67Mhz(73DMIPS) MIPS R4K @ 333 A8@600MHz (1200DMIPS)ARM9@200 (220 DMIPS) 485MHz (1125DMIPS) CPU2 ARM7@33Mhz MIPS R4K @ 333...
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    Pandora's Rival: Acer QUOTE "Well, according to our German pals at GameStar, James Wong was said to take issue with the fact that the current state of the console market relies solely upon...
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    Ps3 - Ps2 Compatibility In Australia

    I wanna buy my little brother a PS3 for his birthday. He is very much a Playstation guy saving up for a PS3. Anyway, I know he wants to play his PS2 games on his PS3. I noticed that in Australia, you can only get the 40G version which I understand cannot play PS2 games. Does this mean I have...
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    Omap 3440

    We've always thought that the OMAP 3430 was going to be used by the Pandora. However, TI just released details regarding the OMAP 3440 which is similar to the 3430 but with an updated SGX chip that can encode 720P. This will be available in two months. Could this mean that the Pandora will...
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    Do You Like The Name?

    So, what does everyone think about the name Pandora? Do you like it and what do you think it means? Feel free to spam before the first official news makes it to peoples mailboxes. EDIT: removed idiot talk (mostly)
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    I am on the dev list to get a dev version of the CloudBook when it is released early next month. The CloudBook will sell for $400 US dollars which makes it cheaper than the standard Eee PC in Australia. The CloudBook is just a Via NanoBook and the Developer version includes a few more...
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    Sdl Asylum

    QUOTE "SDL Asylum is a C port of the computer game Asylum, which was written by Andy Southgate in 1994 for the Acorn Archimedes and is now public domain. It has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD and Cygwin, but it should be possible to run it on other platforms which support the SDL graphics...
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    Solar Mp4

    This one is interesting because it looks similar to the GP2X, in terms of style. However, it's got a bunch of features that make it interesting. It only emulates NES, GB and GBC. QUOTE Uniquely designed 2GB MP4 Player with 2 solar panels built in for either recharging the built in Li-ion...
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    Stylus Requests

    I wanted to create a thread for people to request ports or updates for games or applications that were never requested as they require a mouse or were shot down. I'll start with a game I wanted to port a long time ago. (When I was still interested in porting) Abuse-SDL...
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    Elements Interactive Releases Gp2x Game Flurkies

    QUOTE In this puzzle game the fluffy Flurkies need your assistance. Help the cute and adorable little hairballs finding their way back home. Guide the Flurkies through all the levels by collecting coins, pushing crates, getting colour showers, gliding over ice and having them work together...
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    Toshiba To Launch World's Highest Performance 3d Graphics Lsi For

    100 mega-polygons 800 mega-pixels a second $67 US dollars QUOTE Key Features 1. A performance of 100 mega-polygon a sec. is 38 times faster than that of previous products, due to the development of the new high performance 3D graphics...