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  1. Squirrel61

    Gp2X Wiz For Sale

    Thanks, I will take this in consideration.
  2. Squirrel61

    Gp2X Wiz For Sale

    How much for shipping to the Netherlands, Europe?
  3. Squirrel61

    Bricked Wiz

    I'm interested. Do you still have it? How much will you charge for shipping to the Netherlands?
  4. Squirrel61

    Open2x Dr4

    Awesome work SQ! The new features really rock!
  5. Squirrel61

    New To The Ds - Tips, Advice And Help Please

    The R4 is supposed to be able to run nds homebrew, as are all other slot-1 solutions. I haven't tried it, though. I know my Acekard2 runs homebrew fine. For GBA games, the best solution is the EZFlash 3-in-1 cartridge. For the R4, you need an additional GBA loader, which might be hard to find...
  6. Squirrel61

    Installing Linux On A Memory Card

    Most internal memory card readers are connected on the internal USB hub. That means that you have to treat the card like a USB flashdrive. Search for a Linux distribution that is suitable for flash drive installation (try Puppy Linux) and follow the directions, but point it to the memorycard...
  7. Squirrel61

    Amiga Emu: What Are You Enjoying

    Hybris and Slamtilt Pinball.
  8. Squirrel61

    Gp2x Torrents

    Seeing all the crap that is on that site now, I guess they forgot to renew their domain name in time and now some domain caper quickly registered it.
  9. Squirrel61

    Where Is My Sd Card Reader?!

    I saw it flying by a few minutes ago. Think it was heading for GPH headquarters.
  10. Squirrel61

    Will The World End Due To Bad Grammar?

    I voted "YES" but it depends on where the bad grammar is used. On a forum like this, it doesn't make much difference, it's just annoying. In rocket science or nuclear science, grammar is really important, as is spelling!
  11. Squirrel61

    Jxd 301 For Sale... They Don't Make These Anymore.

    Did you realise that as long as the unit is listed on eBay you can't sell it otherwise? If someones buys it through eBay, you have a binding contract to sell, as well as the buyer has a binding contract to buy.Retracting an item from eBay isn't easy and will result in negative feedback.
  12. Squirrel61

    When Dell Fscks Up.

    Dell's page is offline now, they apparently discovered their mistake. But can anyone explain what was on the page? Just curious because I didn't have the time to check it when it was still online.
  13. Squirrel61

    Free To Good Home In Australia

    OK thank you for informing.
  14. Squirrel61

    Wtb: Nokia 6600

    It took a bit longer than promised, but finally here are the pics. In the pics, the Nokia charger is missing but of course it will be included. And I will set the language to English before shipping! And for the price? Well, I'm thinking about €25 which is pretty reasonable over here but...
  15. Squirrel61

    Which Retro Console..?

    I think the best definition of "retro" is "what one considers as retro". I think we all agree on calling 8-bit consoles "retro", but for anything beyond that, it just depends on your own opinion. I for myself consider anything that I've been playing in my school time as "retro". That includes...
  16. Squirrel61

    Can I Still Buy A New Gp2x F200 In The Uk?

    It's very unlikely that you will find a new gp2x anywhere on earth.
  17. Squirrel61

    Free To Good Home In Australia

    What would shipping be for the XBox magazines to The Netherlands by Seamail or as letters (don't know if the weight allows this)?