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  1. Wolfsclaw

    Vigoroth The Delivery Man

    Was browsing youtube and found a new little homebrew game that noone seems to have noticed? Can't report back on if its working since i still have no pandora in my hands :) So try this out and let me know what you think. Pokemanz!
  2. Wolfsclaw

    Status Of Quake 3 On The Pandora

    Q3 was always supposed to be one of the killer-apps for the Pandora. However I haven't heard much about it recently. So, here are some questions for when i get my pandora sometime in 2013: 1) Does server joining work and is the ping okay? 2) There were some problems with Q3A <-> ioquake3 . Do...
  3. Wolfsclaw

    New Ed Video: Tv-Out Demonstation just spreading the word :)
  4. Wolfsclaw

    Split The General Talk [Pandora] Section

    The General Talk [Pandora] section has, at the time of writing, 5,910 Topics and 192,326 Replies, which is a massive amount, if you do some little math: By comparison, the "old" section News Zone has got 126 topics, the Dev Corner 993, and the Beta Testing area 104 topics. Two of three "new"...
  5. Wolfsclaw

    Easyrpg (Rpg Maker Interpreter) Ported!

    Source. Promising, but it has been like that for years. There's been a PSP and a GP2x Port as well, but it never got as far enough as to smoothly play top/"normal" rpg maker titles. And no, I can't speak spanish. And yes, this is probably the guy that got the very first MP pandora out of...
  6. Wolfsclaw

    So Is There An Internal Mic Or Not?

    We were promised all the time to have an included microphone, but haven't really heard anything besides it. Now I get to read that there is no included mic? Is that right? I'd love to make some audio notes on my future Pandora without additional hardware, now if please someone could help me out...
  7. Wolfsclaw


    I believe everybody has noticed but noone bothered to mention it because it's so minor and obvious, but this always itches in my eyes when i see it :P It's "SofTware Hacking" , not "Sofware". That's all :P I wish you all a nice evening.
  8. Wolfsclaw

    Where Are The Tv-Out Cables?!

    Even though i probably won't get my Panda for a month or so, it's weird that those who ordered their tv cable and already received their pandoras do not seem to have gotten the former. So: 1) Where are the cables? 2) Are they even MP'd yet? 3) How's the software side going, is it already fully...
  9. Wolfsclaw

    Bluetooth & Microphone

    I've been wondering how properly the Bluetooth & the Microphone have been tested - haven't heard anything about that at all from MWeston or ED, have we? Are the drivers working yet? How good is the Mic, in comparison to say, the DS? How's the bluetooth distance? etc. etc.
  10. Wolfsclaw


    Well, we've got PSX, n64, (kind of) DC, SNES, megadrive, MAME, .... etc. all the good stuff. I wonder: What ever happened to GBA emulation? Is the Great Exophase himself or anyone worthy of this honorable task porting gpsp (which IIRC was already almost fullspeed on the GP2x) or is this at...
  11. Wolfsclaw

    So Was The New Case Sent? Where Are The Factory Photos?

    Excuse me for being too lazy to dig through every thread here for new bits and pieces of information, but: * Did the case ship yesterday? * Where are the photos from the Chinese factory? * Did Fatih's chinese-speaking partner talk to the Chinese guys? What did they say? * Are Craig, MWeston...
  12. Wolfsclaw

    Easyrpg Likely To Be Ported!

    Even though the information is hidden well across the world wide web, I've dug my way through Google to find this today: (EasyRPG Wiki) states: For those that don't know: EasyRPG is made to be compatible to playing RM2k / 2k3 games. This means a LOT of high...
  13. Wolfsclaw

    Torrent Client

    I've been wondering what Torrent Client will be most likely used on most Pandoras ? How much system ressources does it take? Will it be easy to use and just as fast as on a normal PC? Easy backgrounding? Downloading and playing (ie n64) simultaneously no problem? Also, what are the chances of a...
  14. Wolfsclaw

    The Mobile Site Sucks!

    With the old board, the same board that appeared on desktop PCs appeared on mobile devices such as the iPhone. This worked pretty well. This is how it looks now, and no, it's not because Safari on the iPhone sucks, it's because of this new board: Viewing a profile. No search for recent posts...
  15. Wolfsclaw

    Release New Video - In Hd!

    Check CODE .
  16. Wolfsclaw


    So I've heard it's running at default at 500Mhz, but it's actually a 600Mhz processor, then why does it run normally only at 500? Plus, i've heard it could be overclocked to 900Mhz, how true is that, how stable is the system then (concerned about heat), how easy will it be to overclock programs...
  17. Wolfsclaw

    Return To Castle Wolfenstein?

    Yes, I've used the search engine, but couldn't find any info about this: Any chance for Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the pandora? The source code can be found here: although i can't "install" the .exe, because i get a weird "not enough disk...
  18. Wolfsclaw

    Nds Friendcodes

    Ive been playing a lot of nds games lately since i got myself a flashcart now (superkey + supercard SD) - yes, yes, shame on me - and been wondering if any of you got a wifi access and want to play with me :) my friend codes are: 511183-686848 - mario kart ds 5197-7478-7666 - digimon world ds...
  19. Wolfsclaw

    New Version Of The Movieplayer!

    This is the standard Movieplayer by GPH with modifications by ell. "MoviePlayer for GP2X. modified version from official mplayer. * Change Logs added liba52-cvs(fixed point mode), libfaad2 library. changed internal font to unicode font. fixed some bugs. * License This program is under the...