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  1. MatthewQA

    Gp2X Wiz Internal Pictures

    Alright! A common topic lately on the help section of the board has been issues with a ThinkGeek-sold GP2x Wiz. Many have been having issues with pocketSNES, and gPSP specifically. And I myself have had issues with a few other things, such as gMenu2x. A few times, this has been questioned as a...
  2. MatthewQA

    Gmenu2X Issue

    Alright. So I've recently picked up a GP2x Wiz, and while I wasn't seriously unimpressed(albeit being welcomed with a massive blast of orange @.-.@) with the default menu, GMenu2X looks leaps and bounds better. So I downloaded a copy and decided to give it a go, but I'm having a problem with...