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  1. scachi

    Phoneme-Sdl For Caanoo

    Hi, I have modified (controls only) the wiz release of phoneME-SDL-1.0.1 and compiled it for the caanoo. You can get it here. A source patch file with my changes and compile script is also included if someone want to fix something. I have used the java sdk version...
  2. scachi

    Gtkfb Gtk+ Framebuffer Available ?

    Hi, did anyone ever port/got gtk+ framebuffer working on any gph console (gp2x/wiz/caanoo) ? More informations about gtk framebuffer ->
  3. scachi

    Serial Console With Samsung E810Usb Cable ?

    Hi, I am trying to get a working serial console with a samsung e810 usb cable without success. The e810 cable has 4 wires: black,red,white and blue. The trouble already begins when I try to identify the wires following the test from wiki Using a...
  4. scachi

    Turn Off Screen / Disable Backlight ?

    Hi, as I don't understand all this memregs/gpio/whatever magic stuff I hope someone can provide me some hint, code or lib how to disable the screen / backlight for a longer battery run time ? Thank you
  5. scachi

    Gmu Music Player

    Hi, you can get gmu for caanoo for testing here. Sourcecode is available here. I have tested it only with a few mp3 files. Left-shoulder button + Home button quits gmu. Left-shoulder button + Left or Right stick movement to control volume for better control of the caanoo volume slider for...
  6. scachi

    Gmu Compiled But Can't Start It

    I have compiled some libraries for gmu and gmu itself. But when I try to run gmu on my caanoo I get the following output: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./libs.caanoo/ ./gmu gmu: Detected device: Caanoo gmu: Base directory: /mnt/sd/apps/gmu gmu: System config directory: /mnt/sd/apps/gmu gmu...
  7. scachi

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Curl : Openssl Certificate Verification Problem

    Hi, I am trying to get ssl connections working with curl on my caanoo : ./curl --cacert certs/cacert.pem --capath certs -v * About to connect() to port 443 (#0) * Trying connected * Connected to ( port 443 (#0)...
  8. scachi


    Hi, here is a first port of netsurf for testing. Onscreen keyboard is available in the lower-right corner (tiny keyboard image). You have to click first in the input field where the input should appear before inserting text. That's buggy atm as the inserted text is not visible .. but it works.
  9. scachi

    Problem Cross Compiling Freetype

    Hi, I am trying to cross compile a newer version of freetype for the caanoo without success, it fails with a "missing crt1.o" message. There is only a crt1.o file for "arm" but no "i386" included in the sdk, maybe this is the source of the problem ? I have compiled some other libs without...
  10. scachi

    Caanoo / WIZ Clutter Library For The Wiz ?

    Is anyone able and willing to compile the clutter toolkit with opengles for the Wiz ? It would be great to use it for some good looking animated graphical user interfaces.
  11. scachi

    English Dge Game Engine Docs ?

    Hi, is there an english translation of the complete korean DGE manual available ? Does anyone here use that engine for a project already ?
  12. scachi

    Compiling Iperf, Problem

    Hi, I am trying to compile iperf for the Wiz but I have a problem on ./configure The error is: configure:3025: error: in `/home/baro/dev/wiz/iperf-2.0.4': configure:3029: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables In config.log there is this: configure:2916: checking for C++ compiler...
  13. scachi

    Touchscreen Jitter Filter ?

    Has anyone already coded a jitter filter for better touchscreen input ? Or maybe someone can name a (SDL) game with touchscreen support where the cursor doesn't shake like crazy when the pen is hold down ?
  14. scachi


    Hi, I have ported tecnoballz to the WIZ. You can get at This port is based on the gp2x version, only thing fixed is the music volume bug (volume reset on level restart/next level). Please test it and report back. Regards, scachi
  15. scachi

    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Sound .. Sdl.. Alsa ..oss .. ?

    Hi, I am porting KoboDeluxe to the Wiz right now. Everything is working quite well and seems to be fully playable.. except sound. It looks like this game directly uses alsa or oss and on cross configure it can't find them. Do I have to port it to SDL_mixer or can I use/compile alsa/oss on the wiz ?
  16. scachi

    Possible To Build Kernel Modules (Wlan, Usbnet,..) ?

    Hello, is it possible to build kernel modules right now for wlan sticks ? What tools do I need ?
  17. scachi

    Supertux 0.1.3 .. More Performance

    Hello, I have created a complete new port of supertux 0.1.3. It seems a bit faster than pickle's of my previous gp2x port. Please test it, you can grab it there: Regards, Ingo