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  1. ToastBucket

    Contributing to PyraOS

    Hey guys! I just got involved helping develop PyraOS. My main goal is to unify and stabilize development of the OS and create a build system which can reliably generate images cross platform. To start, I have created an official fork of the kernel which I will be maintaining. It lives inside...
  2. ToastBucket

    Pyra Gitlab access

    Heyo. I’ve been seeing some stuff lately about some crucial things that still need to be done on the low level Pyra software and not enough devs to do it. The things which seem most crucial appear to be in the bootloader and kernel drivers. I’ve got some experience doing board bringup for...
  3. ToastBucket

    Future of the CPU board?

    Now that we can see the Pyra on the horizon (hello little guy) has anyone put any real thought into the next version of the CPU board? Unfortunately now that we’re nearing the end of the initial development of the Pyra, the OMAP5 is pretty dated. Personally I think an iMX8M based CPU board...
  4. ToastBucket

    ARM M4 usage

    Are the two M4 cores in the OMAP used for anything in the out-of-the-box Pyra OS? I am very interested in playing with these when I'm able to get a Pyra. I will likely be building my own barebones rootfs for experimentation with these but it would be interesting to start out using the...
  5. ToastBucket

    Pandora queue to Pyra queue

    Hey guys.  Sorry I know there's been a massive amount of questions similar to this, but I've read all of the stickies and there's still a decent amount of confusion for me.  In the survey email, which I responded to and decided to wait for my Rebirth Pandora, I think it says that I will either...
  6. ToastBucket

    Itty Bitty Little Video

    I was bored today and wanted to test out my new video camera, so I made a little video of my Pandora. Enjoy :P Also took this for funsies.
  7. ToastBucket

    Desktop Shortcuts

    How come the desktop shortcut thingy for my SD card and USB drives always show up in the same spots and do not go to the top left whenever I plug them in? It's kind of annoying. I've got an empty desktop (got rid of the Home folder, etc.) and these icons are just showing up in the middle of...
  8. ToastBucket


    I'm running stuff through cmd, but I'd like to have 3.1 installed like it shows on . I figure I have to find my own copy of 3.1, but how do I install it once I get it?
  9. ToastBucket

    I think I've almost got minecraft

    I managed to install PanDebian on one of my SD cards and got OpenJDK installed, running both the JDK and the JRE. Then I downloaded the Minecraft .jar executable. When I run it, I get the launch screen (where you log in) and it lets me log in. Then it updates. Once it says Updates Done, I...
  10. ToastBucket

    Just a couple problems

    Here's a few problems I've been having with my Pandora. Other than these, it's great! First off, I think my right nub is dying (brand new board D:) The right and up positions don't register, and if they do, they register very low values. I assume this is a hardware issue because it used to...
  11. ToastBucket

    Variable Nub Speeds in Mupen

    Is there a way to have the nubs act as actual analog sticks in that the speed is variable? I'm using the PSPP plugin and it seems to just register full speed whichever way I push it. No slow walking in SM64, just straight to full run. Is this an issue with the plugin?
  12. ToastBucket


    So a few days ago, I bought a book on Java and am currently trying to teach myself to code in Java. I've got my RMA Pandora on it's way back from Germany at the moment and would love to be able to practice coding simple programs on the Pandora when it gets here. To be able to compile and run...
  13. ToastBucket


    Will the VLC port play any resolution? Do I need to convert the video to 800x600 or will VLC do that real-time?
  14. ToastBucket

    OpenOffice on the Pandora

    OpenOffice on the pandora has been something I've been interested in since I first got it (it's in for repairs right now and should be back very very soon). I saw that it worked on extends, but I think a clean port would be best. I recently read about OpenOffice having been ported to ARM (I...
  15. ToastBucket

    What's up with NES?

    Both NES emulators seem to be the same and I haven't been able to get them working properly. Only one ROM I've tried works and it was a crappy hack of Metroid. I was just trying to get SMB running, but none of the 10+ roms I tried worked, on either of the emulators. :/
  16. ToastBucket

    RMA boards

    I'm still quite confused about this. I PM'd ED about it but he hasn't responded, most likely for the same reason he hasn't been making videos or posting very much. For RMA boards (mainly ones that need new nubs), do they send the board to CC, have CC fix it and send it back, then reassemble...
  17. ToastBucket

    Samarost 2

    I was wondering if there was some way to play Samorost 2 (from the Humble Indie Bundle) and games like it on the Pandora. I'm pretty sure that these games use flash, but I'm not sure. I know that the Pandora doesn't have a flash player, but is there some application that can run .html files...
  18. ToastBucket

    How to port applications

    Hey all, I'm interested in learning how to port applications to the Pandora, but have absolutely no clue what to do. I've never ported anything before and don't know much about it. Is there anyone willing to tell me what goes into porting an application to the Pandora (or maybe just porting an...
  19. ToastBucket

    Cheap 32GB SDHC?

    Found this Seems much too cheap. Bought 2 anyway :P What are your thoughts. Is this likely just a scam?
  20. ToastBucket

    I'm having some issues with Mupen64

    Hello. I finally got my Pandora working and I've been playing with it quite a bit. I love it. However, my nubs are broken, so I wanted to use the dpad to move but I can't figure out how to do that with the PSPP plugin. I can't change the plugin because I can't get to the "Apply Changes"...