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  1. Aion

    Frodo (C64 Emulator)

    I made a port of Frodo(Commodore64 emulator). It's based on Wiz port(based on GP2X port(based on ...)). So, all of platform dependent code are mess.. That's why i need beta testing of this port! I can't improve quality of emulation, but i can improve port stability. Try images of D64 format! I...
  2. Aion

    Grafx2 2.3

    I've update binaries for Wiz & Caanoo ports of GrafX2 to the last revision(r1785)(v2.3). Now it's a full port included all of features!(Try a LUA scripts!) upd. URL changed to Thanks for upload!
  3. Aion

    Unreal Speccy Portable

    Portable ZX-Spectrum emulator supports Z80 128K (Pentagon) AY/YM, Beeper, Beta Disk, Tape, Kempston Joystick/Mouse, Snapshots. Supported formats: sna, z80, tap, tzx, csw, trd, scl, zip. Created to be ported to many platforms such as Windows/Linux/Mac/Symbian/WinMobile/Dingoo/... and now for GPH...