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    Usb Connection Problem

    after finally getting my 2x f100 working i went out and got myself a nice big 8gb card. anyway, i updated the firmware to 4.1.0 and now i can't use the usb connction on it. tried it with differant machines, but just can't get it working. anyone know what's happening, or is it just that it no...
  2. J

    Wtb: Joystick Cap

    wanted, joystick cap for f100. mine fell off and got vaccumed up by a cleaner last week on holiday, and i'm in need of another. hopefully a posh aftermarket one, or an original, don't care just need one. let me know and name your price. cheers, Carl.
  3. J

    Nintendo Ds (phat) With Supercard

    had this a while, and it's time to pass it on now i've got my gp2x sorted :) machine boxed with the metroid game and flashed to latest flashme (i forget) comes with supercard cf,(boxed) and about 10 cards all 128/258mb plenty for homebrew and even bootlegging if you're into that. i've got the...
  4. J

    512 Mb Sd Cards..

    i've got 10x 512mb kingston elite pro sd cards for sale from scrapped sat navs, formatted and ready to use in your gp2x (they are basically brand new cards) £5 each shipped in the uk. cheers, Carl.
  5. J

    Arcade Cabinets, Boards And Arcade Parts.

    i'm selling up nearly everything as i'm gonna be moving to the states in the near future (before 2009) so here goes: CABINETS: Lethal Enforcers 2 Dedicated, Fully working, monitor serviced, new gun, and 3 or 4 spare guns. £200 Chequred Flag Dedicated, Fully working, no back door. £150...
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    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    hi, long time no see ;) gamer in need here! someone's gotta be able to help. i'm looking for a knackered gp2x. screen not important, but the case must be 'useable' mine is smashed to hell (don't ask) and the 2 large cracks won't allow the machine to stay in one peice! motherboard is...
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    Gp2x For Sale

    Original first edition, comes with an unbranded 128meg sd card, fully boxed and all leads. no niggles, apart from i find the joystick a bit dicky (but apparantly thats how they are surposed to be! i personally hate the damn thing!) Clocks to 280mhz + stable. offers? reason for sale = i don't...
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    Charakade Uk - Arcade Meeting / Charity Event

    Hi, me and a friend are setting up an arcade 'event/meeting' in aid of charity ( there should be about 30 arcade machines to play, including things such as galaxians, outrun, time crisis, playchoice, plenty of jamma cabs etc. from golden age to modern there should be...
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    Wtb: Scrap Gp2x.

    reyt, my joystick assembly has died on me, as well as a few other niggly bits with it. i can't send it back because i got it second hand a while back. anyway, does anyone have one that's totally meshed and that the pcb is still intact (not bothered if working or not, as long as the joystick...
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    Annoying Computer Fault!!

    After a power cut, i resetted my computer and the whole resolution looks wacky! everything is massive :( tried just about everything: resolutoion graphics card driver disability options DPI appearance settings etc. and NOTHING has got it back to how it was :/ DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!! anyone got...
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    Ot: Aprilia 50cc Scooter - Quick Sale -

    Due to passing my driving test, i need to flog this to help towards insurance :/ (£1700) good runner, has upgrade exhaust, mirrors etc. (max speed about 50mph ish) problems: scuff marks down one side from when i fell off the other week, not too bad, but can be seen from distance. also needs...
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    Free Arcade Cab it's mine. free if you want it. pm!
  13. J

    Tiger Emulator?

    hi, i've seen some screenshots of tiger games, and they look fairly good (fighters megamix!!) whats the chances of an emulator being written/ported to gp2x (or gp32 for that matter) it looks about as powerful as a gameboy, and has some pda...
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    Loads Of Videogame Gear - Final Revision + Prices

    last revision of the popular topic: all pal unless stated Dreamcast: Fur Fighters unboxed £1.50 hidden and dangerous complete £2.50 mortal kombat bootleg. free if you take the other 2 games Sega Saturn: Official RAM cart £8.00 worldwide soccer complete £0.50 n64 carts all unboxed: forsaken...
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    Formatting Sd Cards Without An Sd Reader?

    hi, having trouble formatting sd cards. one of my sd cards is corrupted and needs a reformat, but there is no way in winxp to do it, format says it's not formattable, and there's no options on the gp2x i can find. anyone able to help?
  16. J

    Retro Ball Event 2005 (charity Event)

    hi, i thaught you would all like to know about the retroball event, a classic games show with stands and stalls regarding all retro video games. i'll be there on the #jamma+ stand as i'm taking a couple of arcade cabs for the arcade zone. it's going to be a great weekend, and it's all for...
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    Loads Of Videogame Gear (revised)

    getting shut of a LOT of my collection :( anything yer interested in, let me know and i'll give you a good price on it, the more you have the cheaper it gets :) i'd also trade a load of this stuff for a sega model 2 virtua fighter 2/dead or alive/fighting vipers etc. arcade cab Snes stuff...
  18. J

    Formatting Compact Flash Cards

    hi, i've got a couple of compact flash cards that need formatting, but how do i do them thru a computer on a cardreader via winxp? i'd need them to be fat 32 i think (it's for a nds flashcart)
  19. J

    Best Flash Cart For Nds?

    hi i got an nds this morning (thanks famendo) and i know there are a few people into the homebrew for nds. which one do you think will be the best for running emulators/homebrew on. i'd need one with a good ammount of space. i don't perticually want the ones that take sd cards.
  20. J

    Loads Of Snes / Amiga / Atari St Gear.

    getting shut of a LOT of my collection :( anything yer interested in, let me know and i'll give you a good price on it, the more you have the cheaper it gets :) i'd also trade a load of this stuff for a sega model 2 virtua fighter 2/dead or alive/fighting vipers etc. arcade cab Gp32 stuff...