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  1. gp2.eXe

    Possible Workaround For Forum Bugs.

    Since the forum has now been fixed there is no need to use this method anymore. It only has archival purposes. -gp2.eXe STATUS: Confirmed! Hey. :) My natural curiosity has gotten me in trouble sometimes, but I think this time it might have come in handy. Here goes: Hate those doubled...
  2. gp2.eXe

    Why Is It Worth Waiting For Pandora?

    Hello. :) Many of us have been seeing the development of the Pandora console from the beginnings, the excitement it originated was hard to describe. Every single step has made us imagine what we will be doing with it when we get it. Of course, as most of us know, the project has experienced...
  3. gp2.eXe

    The Thread...

    Changed my mind... If you really wanna know what this thread was about, well... I won't tell you! Why are you still reading this? Go away! I know: ".siht daer naht od ot retteb gnihton evah I" and by the way if you are still reading: .sloof lirpa :)