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  1. mamemaniac

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    @hns: is the Lcd cables production started?
  2. mamemaniac

    Release Gaurodan

    I completed Gaurodan on my Pandora Rebirth. The game is very playable except chapter 7 (the only vertical scrolling stage of the game) which is too slow, almost unplayable to me. @ptitSeb: any chanche to port other Locomalito games like Hydorah and Curse of Issyos on the Pandora?
  3. mamemaniac

    Are RMA repairs still available?

    I am surely interested, maybe we can start a poll to know how many people are willing to crowdfund a new order for lcd cables.
  4. mamemaniac

    Looking to buy a 1GHz Pandora

    It's very risky nowadays buy a Pandora because no replacement LCD cables are left anymore (and ED has no money to produce new cables).
  5. mamemaniac

    Anyone willing to sell their Open Pandora?

    He has no replacement LCD cables anymore because of the high production cost (15 EUR for a single cable if i am not wrong) but i still hope he will find a way to produce more cables in the future as my Pandora is also showing the PTOD.
  6. mamemaniac

    Arcade Emulation (focused on M.A.M.E.)

    Yes, very likely as you can read yourself in this thread:
  7. mamemaniac

    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    Ok, you got a PM.
  8. mamemaniac

    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    Yes, but maybe ED has finally found a new company to produce some more Pandora LCD cables (hopefully with a more tolerable MOQ). I really hope he can bring us some good news.
  9. mamemaniac

    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    @EvilDragon: Any update on the Pandora LCD cables new batch production?
  10. mamemaniac

    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    This company seems a good choice as minimum order quantity is not requested in most cases:
  11. mamemaniac

    Release OpenBOR

    I made a quick test using Hulk Hogan and it plays pretty good. I think you can push the PND to the repo @fantomid
  12. mamemaniac

    Best playable alternative to settlers DS on pandora?

    @asimov-solensan: Settlers 2 should play nicely using Pandora Dosbox, just check this (very old) video: Of course, like TrashyMG said in previous post, it's better to use ptitseb Dosbox for easy game configuration.
  13. mamemaniac

    Release PFBA

    @levi : i remember i was able to launch any CPS3 game in old FBA Capex with old kernel (so with only 256 MB RAM available) and never needed any swapfile, this sounds more a bug than a memory issue to me. @ptitSeb: the Vita port has some new audio options not present in the Pandora port, maybe...
  14. mamemaniac

    Release PFBA

    @ptitSeb: i make some more tests and i found some bugs: 1) audio lag in all games: this was fixed on the Vita port ( 2) emulator quit to XFCE if the first loaded rom is very large in...
  15. mamemaniac

    Release PFBA

    Well, i tried the same SF3 rom in old FBA Capex and Retroarch FBA and i can confirm the performance in PFBA is vastly improved, i'll test later other arcade games and report back.
  16. mamemaniac

    Release PFBA

    It seems the FPS counter is not very accurate, with SF3TS i get around 45 FPS but the game feels absolutely fullspeed to me with 0 slowdowns. I noticed sometimes the sound stop plays for about 0,5 secs (i am using SGX 4.10 BTW) and at times the emulator quit to XFCE when larger roms are loaded...
  17. mamemaniac

    Release PFBA

    PtitSeb you made a miracle with this, i made a quick try with Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and it played fullspeed on my Rebirth with a bit of overclock. This is AMAZING!
  18. mamemaniac

    Release Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

    @M-HT: I completed the human campaign, the mouse helper worked fine except for one thing: clerics. It's the only human unit i can't move alone, so clicking the right mouse button when a single cleric is selected doesn't make any effect, i can only move them when in group.
  19. mamemaniac

    Release Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

    I tested a bit (played the first two human missions) and it works great, thanks again M-HT.
  20. mamemaniac

    Release Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

    I would like these (if possible): Left click and drag to draw selection boxes around multiple units without having to hold down the CTRL key. Right click to order units to move, attack or harvest/transport goods. (Can also be used to build walls when the town center is selected)