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  1. Citizen_Lurker

    [WTT] GPD Win 10 for a Pandora

    I'm confused, are you after Win or Pandora?
  2. Citizen_Lurker

    Release Civil War Strategy Game

    Monsieur Seb never stops the madness, more more more ports, awesome! Thank you, looks very interesting, going to try it later
  3. Citizen_Lurker

    The Absolute State of Linux

    Brilliant! But, seeing that in the interview, Linus called some people racist, and also "lowlife scum", does that automatically make him, drumroll, an SJW? :confused:
  4. Citizen_Lurker

    The Absolute State of Linux And nothing bad happened to those projects so far. Why all the panic? Also, the code of conduct that is posted on doesn't even say anything about feminism, people of colour, etc.
  5. Citizen_Lurker

    The Absolute State of Linux

    Was there ever a time when people understood decency, without the need to enforce it? I long for a world without bigots and equally without thought policemen telling them they are bigots. Also, I like how this guy calls people that play games and software developers "autistic".
  6. Citizen_Lurker

    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    I crave those eye-burning, yellow monitors and equally yellow, clicky, huge keyboards. Well, OK, I think I went a little too far with the monitors, those bad boys were really killing my eyesight back in the day.
  7. Citizen_Lurker

    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    I'm not impressed. I have about 60 original PS games on my OpenPandora, that emulates them perfectly. Also, PS games were available on PSPs and Vitas for years, aren't everyone sick of em already?
  8. Citizen_Lurker

    What can I do now.

    I hope nothing bad happened to the guy.
  9. Citizen_Lurker

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Pox on you! Sorry, I'm just too jealous.
  10. Citizen_Lurker

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    So you were one of those 10 people on the planet that owned the legendary Sega Nomad, you rich boy! P.S. Shining Force games are incredibly boring. Still kinda like them though.
  11. Citizen_Lurker

    Is Mario Kart DS the best Mario Kart ever?

    Still a great game, though
  12. Citizen_Lurker

    Is Mario Kart DS the best Mario Kart ever?

    Mk7 looks great on 3DS with 3d enabled, I have to say.
  13. Citizen_Lurker

    GPD WIN 2

    Generally solid advice for handling expensive handheld computers, luxury vases, and babies.
  14. Citizen_Lurker

    Nintendo 3DS

    Surprisingly enough, I find that even the official SNES VC on the 3DS is not as good as the Pandora's SNES9X4P by Ivanovic/Skeezix in terms of input lag. I don't know how that bloody emulator manages to avoid the input lag that plagues every other SNES emu I have ever tried. The audio is much...
  15. Citizen_Lurker

    Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah, Animal Crossing is relaxing in a way. Give it a try and see if it's your thing. I haven't been able to go back to it lately, but maybe that's just me. It is really easy to CFW any 3DS/2DS, especially if you buy a special DS flashcart (around 20 bucks) that comes with a special partition I...
  16. Citizen_Lurker

    Nintendo 3DS

    I really recommend Gotta Protectors. It's like a hybrid between a tower defense game and an action-rpg, with cute retro style about it. Also, there's a pixie shopkeeper that threatens to bash your teeth in if you keep nagging her. Good stuff. You can buy it on eShop. People keep recommending...
  17. Citizen_Lurker

    Thanks for adding bloat to my GOG library for the umpteenth time! Jeez ;-)
  18. Citizen_Lurker

    Release Stardew Valley launcher

    This is magic. Thank you!
  19. Citizen_Lurker

    That is true, e.g. Heroes IV performed like garbage on my Windows setup, much better in Wine, I was shocked.
  20. Citizen_Lurker

    Reminds me of Hotline Miami.