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  1. Hooka

    What happened to the repo?

    Is the openpandora repo down for good, or am I missing the obvious replacement? If not, does anybody have a "Final all apps" zip?
  2. Hooka

    Drowning in debt... any advice on how to survive?

    Hey guys LONG time no talk, been struggling for a long time... I was wanting to know if anybody had any advice. I've been struggling to battle school debts for the past decade and lost my job about six months ago. Tried starting my own company doing web development and game design, but failed to...
  3. Hooka

    Missing games: Dishes War

    Anybody still have a copy of dishes war from PACC 2010? *facepalm* Nevermind, remembered I judged both PACC 2010 and the crap games compo around the same time and lo and behold, I still have my zip files of all the games to judge ;)
  4. Hooka

    GINGE for F300's

    Given that this handheld is THE least supported (as far as I know) GPH handheld ever released I figured a quick change to get GINGE running would be a good option for giving the handful of people with one access to more software for the system :) Slightly updated from the Wiz build that is...
  5. Hooka

    Repo lost software?

    Hello all, I've been noticing that there are a fair few titles that have just plain disappeared off the repo. Was wondering if this is a licensing issue or broken pnd's issue or what...? Not like I'm going to complain that my SD has entirely more than the repo has to offer just wondering if I...
  6. Hooka

    Small GINGE update

    Hey guys, uploaded a slightly fixed GINGE! Finally had some time to actually sit down infront of the computer and fix up a few things I knew needed fixing. Hopefully you'll all enjoy a bit better compatibility on the GP2X front. I also uploaded a pack of iprice's games! Don't have guru logic...
  7. Hooka

    pcb 3d printer and the future of homebrew systems like the pyra So, this interests me on a variety of levels but I lack the actual capacity to use it to it's potential, but I could see something like this being an absolute godsend in the continuing development of the pyra and systems of its kind in the future!
  8. Hooka

    Sidewalk sale!

    In order to keep my butt off the sidewalk, I need to sell some of my videogames and such, figured I'd leave a post here and see if anyone might be interested... I have various good collector games like: Last Hope for Neogeo CD Fatal Fury 2 ArcadeCD (Turbografx) Implode (TG) Nights (Saturn and...
  9. Hooka

    GINGE Community input!

    So I want to get the communities input on some GINGE-related issues... I was gonna make a poll, but it seems you can only pose one question in a poll in these forums... 1. Should I use a non-official skin for the Wiz to prevent screen burn in (mine winds up with anything in white burning in...
  10. Hooka

    Anybody have the old gp2x toolchain (fw 2.0 kernel toolchain)

    As in the title, I've come to realize I can't seem to find an old gcc 2.95 and glibc 2.2.5 for GP2X that isn't broken, the one on openhandhelds seems to be broken along with any others i've found (most dependent on scripts that require the old GPH svn for some parts...). I'm just wondering if...
  11. Hooka

    Release GINGE Update and Ruckage Pack!

    Just a heads up, currently uploading an updated GINGE and a Ruckage pack (all of ruckages GP2X games in one pack) to the repo. For reference the main changes from notazs' version are as follows: included mikmod, smpeg, tslib and a few other missing/needing update libs. Also added sdl-gfx...
  12. Hooka

    What should I do with this handful of tinybob's?

    I wound up with a handful of tinybob's and now I'm wondering besides making a tv-out cable that won't pull apart on me, what interesting things could/should I do with some of them or does anybody want something specifically that they'd pay for me to make for them? Kinda inbetween jobs atm, so I...
  13. Hooka links

    Would there be an easy way to fix all the links by changing them to I can do it manually, but I assume it'd make it easier on n00bs...
  14. Hooka

    My work banned this site :D

    ...because they think that all sites ending in .org are reserved for orgies? Or maybe it's because a link to popped up an adult friend finder link at work... Or was it just because they hate me and wanna mess with me? Anyway about it, still laughable cause it's not gonna stop me from...
  15. Hooka

    GP2X F300

    Well, I've been playing around with my F300 I picked up a little while ago lately and I'm looking forward to trying to get GINGE running on it (not working atm, but I'll keep you guys updated if I make any headway...), the menu loads up but most games glitch out the screen upon starting (might...
  16. Hooka

    Weird email for post I don't remember making...

    Did I accidentally post in some now MIA forums or something, getting emails about my post being blocked or deleted for content in firmware-dev...
  17. Hooka

    GP2X MIA: Anybody have the final version of Dr. Mates?

    Just trying to hunt down some games I seem to still be missing... anybody seen a copy of Dr. Mates Final still kicking around?
  18. Hooka

    How many Pandora's actually out in the wild?

    Or simply put, how many made it to customer hands in total or how many were manufactured total? Just wondering, I thought it was closer to 20-30 thousand but figuring from information I've seen online we might only have 7500 of them max... across 3 different tiers (CC, Rebirth and 1Ghz)
  19. Hooka

    Would the old TMS320C55x dsp patches for tremor help us?

    Just noticed there are some dsp patches for Tremor, has anybody tried using these with our dsp or would it be futile/too much work to get it running on Pandora? Xiph Wiki DSP stuffs
  20. Hooka

    No longer notifying of messages?

    Dunno if this is an isolated case, but the little bell/envelope didn't even light up this time when I had a response to a message the other day. Getting harder to communicate around here