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  1. DJKoma

    Android On The Pandora

    As i have posteed in another thread, Android as an alternative OS on the Pandora is one of my dreams. I can't understand why it seems to be such a nightmare for others, since they can simply ignore it.
  2. DJKoma

    More storage options for the Pandora

    I use a couple of flash drives that size from etrememory (snippy usb flash drive). As far as i know Delock and Intenso also produce devices with the same form factor. Would be nice if someone could actually test all of them on a Pandora and report about his/her experience.
  3. DJKoma

    Quick nub update (2010-09-17)

    No need to be sorry. What you wrote was easy enough to understand and you don't want to read (nor hear) my french either. ISO 9001 is just a formality and doesn't mean much.
  4. DJKoma

    Quick nub update (2010-09-17)

    Correct. And even worse: i knew of a company (my own), which was ISO 9001 certified for one field of their activities, but used the certificate for all of their activities, since the actual certificate didn't state which branch of the company was tested. So much for ISO 9001.
  5. DJKoma

    The 1ghz overclock

    So other devices running at 1 ghz are actually using other overclocking modes? For instance the dreaded iPad - apart from allegedly having 2 ARM cores - uses basically a ARM cortex A8 running on OPP5?
  6. DJKoma

    android on pandora

    I would like to see Android on the Pandora as long as it doesn't mean, that the develepment of Angstrom for the Pandora is stoped. But that's my (late) oppinion.
  7. DJKoma

    We, the RedBarons

    Can i be Bloody RedBaron? :P
  8. DJKoma

    New users, say hello

    Hello everyone, i am just an old fart from germany. ;)