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  1. Monk

    We Are Still Doing The Boards+Population In The Usa, But It Looks Like

    So. Here's a thread to rant about Craig's latest Pandora build twit: Do we start the ranting now, or wait till someone says something informative?
  2. Monk

    Marketing Slogans

    So, anyway, the "How can we help?" thread remindedm me of an old British Rail slogan - "We're Getting There". I wonder - what marketing slogan from the past would suit OpenPandora well? And what company used it? How about... "Its for Yoo-hoo!" (British Telecom) or "Don't you just love being in...
  3. Monk

    Wallpaper Wips

    OK, well, here we go. A thread to contain WIP images for wallpapers, starting with my own but not necessarily limited to my stuff. The hope is that I can post more images without ruining the other thread with a flood of this stuff, should I find the time to do a few more and feel the need to...
  4. Monk

    Gridwars Inspired Game?

    torpor may be working on this - but he could do with an artist to create 3D models and textures, and perhaps another for sounds? While we wait for him to step in with details, here's a quick conept sketch animation showing a proposed user craft (in the middle) against a backdrop of simplistic...
  5. Monk

    For Backassward

    I don't know WHAT your grudge is, or why, but you seem really intent on my doing a point-for-point anal examination of that post. I don't think anyone else deserves to be forced to read through this crap, or needs the tutorial in the English language that you seem to crave. So here it is in a...
  6. Monk

    Browser Wars

    Could anyone tell me why a very few peoples posts (Craigs, exophase's) display as about a mile tall on my PC? IE7 and, ah.... just puzzled is all. Ta.
  7. Monk

    Quick Question: Closed

    Wow. One person offered credit card payment option and two confirming they've already paid by credit card... I was trying to sum up my feelings about the thread being "made to unhappen" AND the unofficial blog posting being made to "unhappen" AND the apparent underhandedness of OpenPandora vs...
  8. Monk

    How Many Controls Can We Press At Once?

    This thread isn't JUST created because we haven't had a keyboard thread in several hours. Oh no. It's actually something that's been nagging me since we were told (IIRC) that the Pandora keyboard would only work for up to two keypresses because to make it more capable would have added complexity...
  9. Monk

    What Do People Think About Topic Regulation In Forums?, And When Are Y

    While staying "on topic" or at least in the neighborhood is a definite goal, this board's thread closures take it to an extreme level. Seriously draconian - it is VERY difficult (for me, at least) to get any sense of "community" when it feels like stepping outside a topic for a micro-second will...
  10. Monk

    Help Me Please - Am I Going Insane?

    I'll admit, insanity is, at this stage, an option. But as bizzarrely fubared as this forum tends to get, it seems to be getting worse and worse... have I hit a control somewhere by mistake and turned "Alice" mode on? And if so, how do I turn it off? What I'm getting is, instead of the regularly...
  11. Monk

    How About A Pandora Model?

    With the FDM case completed and sexy photos and 3d models (official and fan-made) bouncing about, how about a cheesy cut-out-and-glue Pandora model so we can all feel the size of the beast? Nothing too fancy, but perhaps something a step up from the flat cardboard tempalte of a Pandora that...
  12. Monk

    Classic Games We'd Like Ported - How To Contact The Authors

    At: Jamie Woodhouse has reminded us of an EXCELLENT classic game from BBC/Amiga days... but, better still, he's pointed out a PC "remake" that looks to be a considerable upgrade to the original BBC version, and he's considering porting it to...