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  1. carlgeorge

    Pandora For Sale

    Hi all, I've just listed my Pandora on ebay because I've found that I'm simply not interested in gaming any more. I've had it a couple of weeks now and I've barely used it. Nothing wrong with it, in fact it appears to be a very good example. It's down to me, I've been holding off playing...
  2. carlgeorge

    Pandora Protective Case Stylus Holder

    I've had a quick search but couldn't find any comments about this... You know that little velcro stylus holder in the lid of the official Pandora protective case? Well the central section, where you would usually slide the stylus into, is sewn-up on mine. Is this the same on everybody's? Has...
  3. carlgeorge

    I Hate Ebay

    I have purposely stayed clear of ebay for a few years now because I was buying too many old games consoles that I could never have dreamt of owning as a kid. :) Anyway, I have just sold my old laptop and desktop on ebay. Because this is the first time in years I have used ebay, I was surprised...
  4. carlgeorge

    Link To Slipknot On Front Page?

    When I click on "Hacked Psp Vs. Gp2x (11) (started by: zfunk007)" on the front page 'GP2X / XGP General and Development Forums Posts' section I get re-directed to this site: Am I going mad or something?
  5. carlgeorge

    Any News On Hh?

    Has there been any news on HH? I only ask because I haven't heard anything about it since christmas time and it sounded promising.
  6. carlgeorge


    Excellent emu, plays almost everything I have thrown at it. Only problem is a lack of frame skip, even at 200MHz it seems to be running at about 90% full speed. None the less excellent work.
  7. carlgeorge

    Main Mac Os X Problems Solved

    Under Mac OS X there are two major problems when using the GP2X. 1 – Getting the GP2X to mount on a desktop 2 – Formatting the card in FAT32 to update the firmware Solutions: 1) Use a USB1 port (USB2 won’t work) on my iMac G5 I have to use the ports on the keyboard, the ones on the back are...
  8. carlgeorge

    Anyone Fitted A Wrist Strap?

    Just a thought I had earlier when I was playing DrMD in the bath, along the lines of I hope I don't drop this. I want to fit a wrist strap (perhaps from a camera) to the gp32_console , but I can't see anywhere to fit it. I am thinking of lasering a bracket out of some stainless steel to make...
  9. carlgeorge

    Apple Ii Emulation

    After reading Retrogamer's article on the Apple II computer I realised that this is one machine that no one seems to have mentioned here. Any thoughts?
  10. carlgeorge

    Desktop Background

    I was wondering if anyone has (or has found) a good quality GamePark related desktop background for use on a PC desktop? If not does anyone want to do a bit of Photoshopping? Just a thought, as I feel like a change from fit birds on my computer desktop :D
  11. carlgeorge

    Little Program To Delete Files From Smc

    I was wondering if someone would write a little program that will allow files to be deleted from the SMC directly from the Gamepark? I just find it annoying when I am on the move and I find a file on my SMC that I was supposed to have deleted last time I was hooked-up to the PC. Many people...
  12. carlgeorge

    Joystick Diagonals Modification

    I read in another thread something to do with popping the top of the joystick off and doing something to improve the sensitivity of the diagonals. The problem is that the person who posted the comment only said it in passing and also in poor English -- and I can't find the post either. So...