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  1. romanaFour

    beebem06 on wiz

    Did anybody ever port this to wiz? I tried building it with the GPH SDK; compiles without problems, but it just crashes with a blank screen when I try to launch (with or without game on the command line.) No errors to stdout or stderr; I'm sure it can find all its libs because I checked with...
  2. romanaFour

    Handy Lynx emulator for wiz 2021-02-21

    Use gmenu2x file browser or write a shell script to launch handy_wiz.gpe gamename.bin because there's no GUI. I don't think the volume can be adjusted in-game. I only tested Scrapyard Dog. Seems ok. I think this is the only option for Lynx games on the Wiz?
  3. romanaFour

    Dingux Commander

    Source code is the same as the GP2X version, just had to edit Makefile. I did not remap the buttons: A is A, B is B, etc. (Some people like to switch them around so that A is the right button, B is the bottom button, etc. but I like the letters to match the button labels.) Run this from...
  4. romanaFour

    L'Abbaye des Morts 2020-08-03

    Ported to GP2X. Press A to start game, SELECT to quit. If you're using Open2x gmenu2x, make sure you set WRAPPER ON or you'll have to exit with the 4 finger salute of the crab people (I mean pressing L,R, A,B,X,Y, vol -, vol +. The crab people are the aliens who find such bizarre key combos...
  5. romanaFour

    I ported DinguxCommander to GP2X

    I just saw the post above after adding some files to the first message. Doh! I'll post things to the GP2X resources board from now on. I'm just curious: is anyone else still doing stuff for the GP2X? devkitpro with allegro, dumb, SDL libs etc. is only 270MB and the old compiler and tools...
  6. romanaFour

    I ported DinguxCommander to GP2X

    I'm not sure openhandhelds is still alive and taking submissions. I can download stuff, but when I tried to upload a file after signing up, it would not let me upload anything, giving "file URL invalid" errors.
  7. romanaFour

    I ported DinguxCommander to GP2X

    I got a GP2X F-100 and F-200 recently. I was curious about this device because some games I've played on GCW and Pandora were ported from GP2X. I installed Open2X firmware on both and it is fantastic compared to the original firmware 2.X and 4.X which was terrible. Anyway, I couldn't find an...
  8. romanaFour

    where to get a new battery or make a replacement?

    Has anyone made a replacement battery for the pandora? The price of shipping a battery from DragonBox Shop to the banana republic I live in is over 40 euro! Something like a 104079 4000mah lipo (1.0 cm thick x 4cm x 7.9cm) would probably fit in the case. But I am unsure what to do with the...