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    Broken/loose digitizer cable

    After years of solid use, last night my Pandora started to act erratic to input. Touching the screen would make the arrow jump all over the place. I rebooted and had the same behavior. I calibrated the touchscreen and that makes the input not work at all when done. And sometimes, I cannot get...
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    Modularity and memory

    As memory is getting cheaper fast and 2-4gb is on the low side of things (the 'competition' launching this year ships with 8gb) and the Pyra touting modularity, what are the chances of getting 8gb this year? I would pay substantially for that option.
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    WM & networking question

    Under supersaxxon/angstrom; how can I change the window manager to another one (can I?) and how do I start / connect the wifi from the console? Does anyone know? Thanks
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    Debian installation

    As Pandora is basically the same hardware for all, i'm not sure if i'm crazy or if I cannot really read. I followed all the Debian-on-SD (and Pandian as well) on Pandora and have a few points; - it boots from SD - I have Debian commandline but - all X configs give me a black screen and no...
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    Battery charger

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but what I really miss for the Pandora is an external battery charger; found this thread;  but would love to hear something official for the Pyra as it's annoying how to not being able to charge an empty battery while going out with the Pandora... 
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    Feature voting page

    Is there any feature voting page? I find it very hard to find if features were mentioned in the forum and i'm sure most of the stuff which is going into the Pyra has already been decided and is set in stone by now, but still, it might be handy?  Anyway; not sure if it was named or not before, I...
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    Second SD slot malfunctioning?

    In the first SD slot I have my 32 gb card which contains all software I installed; it has been working perfectly since the beginning; no errors and it's fast enough for me. In slot 2 I have some games and emulator images etc on another 16 gb card which has some IO errors which make some games...
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    I have been working for a long time with the Monkey Language ( Unfortunately it didn't work on the Pandora. Today I decided to bite the bullet and fix this, at least for my on-the-road coding/tinkering/testing wishes: