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    Shadow Dancer Ii

    Shadow Dancer II Intro: I wanted to beat this game cause I'm a fan of ninja games :ph34r:. It's a platform game that happens in New York where you are a high skilled ninja who has a wolf which comes with him through all the game and helps him in the fight too biting the enemies that are...
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    Kidchameleon @ Fgen32

    Kidchameleon @ fGEN32 Intro: Well, I didn't know this game before I put it up on my GP32 to play through the last beta of fGEN32. It was all about curiosity after reading the name, I thought it was some kind of Sonic where you control a hybrid between a kid and a chameleon or something, lol...
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    Her Knight All for the princess

    What about that game? It seems to be nice but what's your opinion guys? Do you recommend me to buy it? thx.
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    using ericsson chat-board in your gp32

    hey, i heard you can use the ericsson chatboard (a small keyboard by ericsson for sms writing) in your gp32 with an special cable or something like that.. is that true? anyone here have and uses it? how does it works? it would be cool to use the DOS emulator and to play games like Monkey Island...
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    Where to buy a GP32 FLU or not

    hi you all guys, i'm new as you can see :P i discovered gp32 a few weeks ago and after reading lots of info about it i decided to save some money and when i got it, buy a gp. i want to know what customer could you recommend me to buy my gp, i heard that if i get it from lik-sang (where gp costs...