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    My Gp2x Broken?

    hey guys - i put the internet emulator and launched it and nothing happened but a black screen. ok - so i go to the main gp2x menu and shut it off. i wait a couple of seconds and turn it on - nothing on my sd memory card even though my computer reads it fine in fat32 format. so i bought a new 2...
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    Gp Halo?

    Hey, I own a GP2X and a NDS and I have noticed, rumor has it, that there might be a DSHalo (A running of the original Halo on DS) so I'm curious...Would it be possible for a GP2X to handle the awsomost graphics of Halo? Maybe overclock it at 300 mhz? I do not know. But thought it would be a good...
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    Noo! Is It Broken?

    Ok -- I have posted a forum and no one seems to see it - so My gp2x does not read my memory card and takes [size=4]FOREVER[size=1] to load. But somehow I think the memory card is broken because when I push it into the reader, my computer freezes when trying to open Drive Location F (memory card...
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    Sd Problem =[

    [font=System]Hey, I'm experiencing problems with my gp2x, it doesnt read my memory card and takes FOREVER to load NAND memory. Please help. :mellow: