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    Need Help

    I'm building a computer for a friend of mine. I have experience doing so and this is the first problem i've had on a build. The first time i got everything assembled and booted it up, there was no video signal, so I figured 3-ish options. Bad Graphics, ram, or CPU. Much later, with my...
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    What Happened To Epicenter?

    When i got back from my vacation I heard you guys bad mouthing Epicenter, and i didn't know why, and I eventually found out he left. It's been a long time since then, but i want to know what happened. I want to know all of the drama, not "he was just a pussy gp2x bashing RTARD"
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    Changing Your Static Ip

    I'm pretty posative this is impossible unless you contact your isp, am i right? PS I was helping out my friend and trying out a cd-key for wc3 and well my ip got banned :lol: .
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    It's Finally Done

    Ben Hecks Website I've been watching for it, and it's finally done. I thought I was lucky to just own one. . . . :D
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    I Love Ebay
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    Play Metal Slug In A Whole New Way PLAY IT IN A WHOLE NEW WAY Kill me if it's old. . . .
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    Might As Well State My Xbox Problem

    Since my other topic got ignored, i think I'll pull a PoisenedV. Softmod went great!!!! The next day FTP didn't work!!!!!!!!!! It worked the night before and I re-checked the network. The only way it would work is if i rebooted it and immediatly FTPed into the box when the dashboard loaded...
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    The Recurring Xbox Theme

    Alright, say i wanted to softmod but put a new hdd in. Do i have to softmod, then put new hdd in? Or can i preload the files onto the new hdd that will softmod the xbox? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?
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    I Just Tried Rockbox

    I tried the ipod linux/podxilla and i didn't like it. 6 months later i'm getting sick of dealing with itunes so i tried Rockbox, I think i'm in wub :wub: . But i've got a few questions. Is there a way to bypass directories for songs. I don't want to listen to one section, I want to listen to...