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    Its Been A Long Time

    I can't expect anyone to know me, but I joined this forum about 5 years ago. I really hadn't played with my GP32 in a very long time, but ever since I got my Wii I really have gotten back into retro gamin, at least for the time being. Anyway, Hello again! If anyone can point me to some...
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    Power Adapters

    More like pop, sizzle, fizz...... I dont know why companies dont put a regulator on electronics these days. My lego mindstorm doesnt even tell you the polarity, because the regulator built into it makes it not matter, and, although I've never tried it, everyone says you can throw a wide rage of...
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    Gpmuzic 0.3

    This is sweet, Keep the updates coming
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    It's My Birthday Tomorrow So...

    Rock on bro, my 19th is tommorow. But seriously, reconsider that girlfriend thing :P
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    Nintendo Ds

    E3 Peep it
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    New Tomak

    ahhh, high schoolers
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    Psp V Gp32

    and don't forget that you'ld probally have to find a way to fit a mod-chip into the tiny PSP to even begin playing whatever homebrew scene it will have.
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    Gba Emu For Tapwave Zodiac Goes Gpl

    This is the first time I've heard that the author say he is going to release it under the GPL, I did read the other threads about how big N was coming down on them, I didn't notice anyone mention GPL. He made the announcement on Friday at 5:30pm, I figured this was news esspecially if any of...
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    Gba Emu For Tapwave Zodiac Goes Gpl

    You probally all heard about the big N using a patent to shut down the gba emu for the Zodiac but now the author is oing to release it as open source in an attempt to cover his own ass maybe the code will prove to be valuble to us, who know!
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    Gp32 Is Broken! Any Tips?

    and if you don't get anywhere, sell me the broken unit
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    GP32 Mode7 Driving Game Engine W.i.p

    from winRAR, probally why its not working
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    How Can I Get The Files From A .smc File ?

    look, anything that is release in a SMC format is not ment to be played on your handheld. Please stop asking. Do not flood this board with stupid messages because you are too cheap to actually buy games.
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    Looking For A Good Screen Capture Program

    Here is what im looking for: --A screen capture program for windows --Make long motion captures that can be turned into animated gifs --Free or next to it I need to make some tutorials and this would help me out alot any ideas folks?
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    The Best place to get roms is 100% legal, no laws are broken please don't ask about anyother roms other than those hosted at
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    Vending Machine Experiences

    redbox baby hell, yea
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    Xvid Encod Settings!

    2-pass makes better quality, smaller files. It has a disadvatage though because it takes more of your time to encode them. I don't name the first and second the same thing ever(I don't know if you can) I use the convention of say "southpark1ST.avi" and then "southpark2ND.avi" hope that helps
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    Xvid Encod Settings!

    I use Xvid 2-pass and nothing else. Downloaded the installer from entwre and never had a problem with it(even fit Kill Bill @ 17fps on a 128SMC!) This is the guide I went from make sure you use the GPcinema settings and not the moviepark
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    A Stretch Maybe... But It Could Happen

    Just struck with the idea, what if some one ported VNC to the gp32? Then run a VNC server on your desktop. Either use a long USB cord and the gp could communicate with your PC, Or maybe something with the RF link? ok its a strech but still a neato idea. (I thought of it after looking at this...
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    New Pics Of Wanna Be Wizzard

    wow, looks really nice!