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    GP2X Generally On Gp2X Wiz?

    Firstly if you've never played this game I recomend taking it for a spin (pun intended). It's a fun top down racer, completely customisable and has track editor and everything. It would be great is this was on the Wiz - is it possible at all: PC specs 200 MhZ, 16 MB RAM, 2 MB...
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    Question To The Mods/board

    I keep reading people with emu issues and not being able to get them running without lots of messing about. Iit seems to me the easiest thing to do is for someone (I don't mind being that someone) to make a 'default setup' that has all (or a good selection anyway) of the emus working and is...
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    Snes Emu Question

    I can find info that answers pretty much all my questions, I'm considering upgrading from a GP2X to a Wiz...Pilot Wings is completely unplayable on GP2X and F-Zero is 'OK' at best (altho I need to look at tweeking). So, can I expect now (or maybe 'coming soon' a playable Pilot Wings with sound...
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    Wanted - Gp2X

    as title, what you got?
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    Gp32 V Gp2x V Psp

    I currently have a GP32, but am considering changing to GP2x or PSP. I'm running through 'pros & cons'...and wondered if anyone here can help with a little 'input' to help me decide! I love my GP32 and am very happy, however if the new beasts offer something more or worthwhile...then I'm...
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    Armor Attack

    Hi guys does anyone know if this works? TIA :)
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    Will 1942 Ever Work!?

    :( It just mind boggling (for me) that this amazing emu, which plays so many games so very well won't play 1942!? should I give up hope? :unsure:
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    1942 Problems :'(

    stops/freezes when you finish a level or lose all your lives (it's the bit where usually the score/stats would appear on the screen - they don't it just 'freezes') I've tried 2 different sets of sets (6 different starts in total) and all exactly the same :( any ideas? anyone know this...