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    Half-life 1 Remake (blackmesa) Trailer Released

    I-ve been keeping track of it as well, i'm just curious, it says 2009, is that a release date?!?! if so it'll be awesome!!
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    A Fantastic Usb Xbox 1 Controller

    did this a couple of days ago, its great as a cheap but good gamepad for pc, just sucks u need to install drivers for it, not simply plug and play
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    'app Store-like Service'

    well, first off, its a rumor, but if it is true, it's probably a program on your home pc that will sync your recently purchased apps with your wiz when you plug it in, kinda like itunes and an ipod, ya know :)
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    Risc Os

    yeah, um people having been working their butt off to make a good LINUX os system with gui, plus a bunch of the programmers are familiar with it, and have ported to it so in one word no it's just unpractical in my opinion, why run multiple oses on a portable umpc, when most programs are only...
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    The Gigantic Pc Build Thread

    if you are really gonna do this, try running crysis with wine and PLZ post a video of the outcome, (with that sort of power, it should run flawlessly in dx9 mode, IF wine can emulate every api that crysis uses)
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    Homebrew Pandora Mock-up

    that is really cool!! i remember some youtube vids of something like this, i will definitely try and make one!! thanks!
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    Just Curious About Everyone...

    i believe th pandora is whatever you want it to be ;)
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    Xbox Handheld?

    yes these are quite old,... and very fake and by the way, how old are you? your sig looks like something a 11 yr old would post to sound funny
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    I Think I Have Bought The Wrong Console.

    which one did you buy, f-100 or f-200? and yes the Pandora ( will have a full keyboard.
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    Early Adopters Beware!

    +1 to all the usually non- early adopters who now are making exception for such an amazing machine, I'll definitely be one of the ones that will be an early adopter for the first time
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    Best Dreamcast Games

    quake 3? some say its one of the best pc to console ports ever!
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    Video Interview With Evildragon

    Whoa. If i had any concerns about this project, they just came out my rear. Firefox at FULL SPEED!!! I NEEED 1 NOW!!!
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    Page I Found That May Lead To Some Ports

    wow, i posted this about 3 months ago and nobody responded, i mean it's got gta 1 engine rewrites, falout engine reverse engineered, its a VERY good site for ideas to port stuff.
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    Improved Mame Compatibility?

    it really depends on what game they are, and what mame version they are. But theoretically, if your not playing area 51 or so, yeah you should be able to play all those games on one massive sd card!!
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    [Fake] Gp2x Wiz Mkii - Fall 2008

    im mean, come on who the heck area you!?!? I might be able to believe it if you post this 2 years from now, and have some recognition from the devs because of something, but somebody out of the blue post this and saying that they're a dev!!??!?! Did you migrate from one of those phony halo 3 on...
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    Analog Joystick

    well, i thinks its really the only option for mobile systems, the psp has one ( but it sucks) because the normal type of joystick would be too thick to build in, or at least, that's how i learned it, please, if I'm wrong do correct me.
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    A Way To Maybe Solve The Wiz Xyab Dpad Promblem

    it took me a while to decipher what you wrote, but i'd have to agree with bot TaG and therealadmin, it would probaly fall out, none the less, if you get one and do it, post it here to see how it turned out!
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    Pandora As A Business Venture

    i don't really know that much but i do know that Craigx, one of the developers of the pandora, wants to set up a donation process so you can support the devs, and in return you can get special beta to try and stuff like that